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President Lindsay - "Sister Parsons, we feel like we're family!"

Zone Meeting - 29 June 2012
Shardae Manuirirangi & Sister Parsons
 Sister Liu, Sister Parsons & Shardae 
Sunrise in WA 
Spoils from a bread-run by members

(Monday July 2 2012)
I’m thankful for the emails you write. I will be trying my best this week to write a letter to both my sisters, especially as it is India’s birthday.

We will be going to Whiteman Park today, which is a national park between Ellenbrook and Ballajura. The last few p days have been crappy with activities organised, so Elders Gurney and Askeroth organised with Sister Liu and I to go to Whiteman Park on the first p day of the month as we have fresh kms on the car. I’m not overly excited about going as I can see kangaroos anywhere, but the elders are ecstatic. I don't mind as we like Elders Gurney and Askeroth a lot. They are always fun and nice to us. They made us dinner last night for our fast breaker we had together :)

I can't think in particular of anything I want for my birthday. Don’t send me trivial stuff. Save the money. I’ve been having mini stress attacks when I think about coming home off my mission, (I know it's still a year away), and how I want to go to uni, but I have no money, and my biggest fear at the moment, is I’m going to come home off my mission and go straight back into the deli at Woolworth’s. It sounds funny, but, I cannot describe the fear I feel in my stomach of going back into the deli ha-ha. I don't want to "waste" any more time not going to uni. Sister Liu says she'll help me fill out my application to BYU Hawaii. And Elder Butts told me after the cottage evening I sang “Joseph Smith's First Prayer” at, that I could easily get into BYU Utah on a scholarship because I can sing well, I’m a Mormon and I’m foreign, ha-ha.

I’m so glad you had a good time at the temple. I know when I come off my mission I would like to make temple attendance a weekly thing. Maybe that's something we as a family can do? I’ve learnt, and feel, the weight of my responsibility as a member soooo much more after coming on a mission. Keep trying to fellowship RC’s and LA’s as much as possible. Even when you don't think it’s much of a priority, God will be happy with the efforts we've made.

Mini burgers sound sooooooooooo good right now. The Ballajura elders and us are going grocery shopping after this, and we have committed each other to only putting healthy things in our trolleys for the week. I don't eat junk food a lot, it's just we don't have a lot of time to make stuff, I get tired/lazy to make something, you're really hungry and pasta just tastes good! I haven't put on a lot of weight or anything but I’m scared I will pretty soon. Or maybe I already have. I’m too scared to stand on the scales.

I miss Costco. And I miss all the available shops. And I miss effective public transport. (NSW thinks they've got it bad - come to WA!) And I miss adventures with my family and friends. And I’m sick of seeing sand everywhere but no water. And the sun is blinding over here! Because there are no trees! And it's massively open and flat everywhere!

Sorry, I’m not complaining, I’m just telling what I miss.

I also miss your food mum. As my coming home present, can you please make me my dinner? ha-ha. I’m being serious though.

We met President and Sister Lindsay at church yesterday. They arrived on Saturday and came to our ward for church, as it is their "home ward". They met Sister Liu and I at the door and when they saw my nametag they exclaimed "Sister Parsons! We feel like we're family! We’ve been following your blog your mum has been keeping for you!" and President said "When you're mother found out I had been called, she emailed me about you!" and President Lindsay has a connection with dad too. But I’ll print him about that :)

You emailed President? What about and how? Sister Liu said in amazement "You're mum knows everything!"

love Sister Parsons.

p.s Elder Iumalo in our zone (second from left sitting on the ground) is from Blacktown Ward :)

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