Tuesday, June 25, 2013

24 June 2013: Transfer to Maylands

I went to Chris and Maddie's sealing on Saturday morning and cried my eyes out.  It was my first sealing to see and it was beautiful.  Not many missionaries get to see their convert go through all the ordinances while on their mission.  Afterwards Karen was so good and drove us all the way to Joondalup (40 minute drive) to see Bobkie, Blessing and Malad get baptised.  Malad and Blessing bore their testimonies afterwards and they are STRONG!  They are all truly converted.
I've never cried upon leaving an area but I cried when leaving Wanneroo.  We said goodbye to some of the investigators and Malad was crying that I was leaving and it made me cry even more.  I love them all but Malad is my baby brother.  He is special to me.
We set a date in Maylands my 2nd night here!  Sieni has known about the gospel from her extended family and we asked her to be baptised on the 27th of July and she said yes!  Her cousins are so excited for her.
We are working and biking hard.  Sister Latulipe gave me a beautiful shell necklace from Samoa!
The morning of transfers Sister Ensign made me brownies from her mum's recipe and wrote me a letter.  It was really nice.  She is staying in Wannerroo and is a sister trainer leader along with her MTC companion Sister Beckstrand.  I can see that Heavenly Father left her in that area because it would be something to help her grow.  She was so good that I could see it coming that I would only be half training her!  I also realised Wannerroo wouldn't test me enough in my final transfer so I have been sent to Maylands to grow and learn.  Sister Latulipe is so willing to learn and is full of enthusiasm and positivity.  We have good long talks sometimes.

Monday, June 10, 2013

10 June 2013

What a busy week! We have met or exceeded all of our goals!

We set another baptismal date with Bobkie's friend Paul for Saturday 13th July. Paul lives in Dianella Stake so we will be working with the missionaries in his area to pass him over to them with cross-ward fellowship so he doesn't get lost.

On Sunday we had Mee Mee, Angawin, Kathleen, Bobkie, Blessing, Malad, Paul, Sebastian and Kayla come to church! Angawin's 2 younger brothers Carl and Jack also came.

We are working really hard and doing well in getting members to come to our lessons. We really want to make sure that our recent converts won't get lost after being baptised and confirmed as they are all under 18 and are the first members in their families. Sister Ensign had a great idea to make a "FHE roster" for the ward for each recent convert, where 1 family a week has the opportunity to provide transport to and from their house for the recent convert to join them for Family Home Evening. The ward members have reacted positively to this suggestion. We do realise we need to make sure we have permission from the children's parents for this to happen but we are confident it will be ok as the parents are getting to know the members alot.

Sister Ensign has been a great help and companion to me. She is humble and willing to learn. She also teaches me alot. It is amazing how 6 weeks has already flown by with her! We are so busy that I feel like we don't have enough time!

We had exchanges on Saturday and Sister Bailey came to Wanneroo with me and Sister Terripaia and Sister Ensign were in Balcatta. Sister Bailey is a bright positive missionary that I love being around. I learnt to try and follow her example more in always being composed and dignified, even when we get stressed out or bad things may happen. And to always tell people you love them.
This Saturday is Kayla's baptism and everything is running smoothly in preparation for the day. Saturday is going to be a busy day. In the morning we are going to the temple for Chris and Maddy, Kayla's baptism is in the early afternoon and then we have appointments for the rest of the day!
Sebastian is a referral from our Bishop (another one!). His wife Maria is a member. They live in the Elders' area but Bishop wants Sisters to work with them after they had a bad experience with Elders previously. Sebastian and Maria are very open and welcoming and we had a great first lesson with Sebastian on Thursday night. He said he had read the Book of Mormon quite a bit over the past but kept saying he didn't have alot of faith. We felt inspired to ask him if he had ever prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true. He paused for a while thinking then said: "No." We were thrilled to then read some of the Introduction to the Book of Mormon with him and explain about gaining faith by actions. That he had to read, ponder and pray. He seemed to think quite seriously about it and committed to ask God that night if the Book of Mormon was true. We also explained briefly about faith being a seed from Alma 32. He came to church on Sunday and asked if he was allowed to go to the classes even though he isn't a member :)
We are trying our hardest to stay on top of the work and in particular to keep our 4 baptismal dates for the 22nd June going strong. Blessing asked Elder Gurney to baptise her and Malad asked Eldric, a recently returned missionary to baptise him. Bobkie is still deciding.