Tuesday, June 25, 2013

24 June 2013: Transfer to Maylands

I went to Chris and Maddie's sealing on Saturday morning and cried my eyes out.  It was my first sealing to see and it was beautiful.  Not many missionaries get to see their convert go through all the ordinances while on their mission.  Afterwards Karen was so good and drove us all the way to Joondalup (40 minute drive) to see Bobkie, Blessing and Malad get baptised.  Malad and Blessing bore their testimonies afterwards and they are STRONG!  They are all truly converted.
I've never cried upon leaving an area but I cried when leaving Wanneroo.  We said goodbye to some of the investigators and Malad was crying that I was leaving and it made me cry even more.  I love them all but Malad is my baby brother.  He is special to me.
We set a date in Maylands my 2nd night here!  Sieni has known about the gospel from her extended family and we asked her to be baptised on the 27th of July and she said yes!  Her cousins are so excited for her.
We are working and biking hard.  Sister Latulipe gave me a beautiful shell necklace from Samoa!
The morning of transfers Sister Ensign made me brownies from her mum's recipe and wrote me a letter.  It was really nice.  She is staying in Wannerroo and is a sister trainer leader along with her MTC companion Sister Beckstrand.  I can see that Heavenly Father left her in that area because it would be something to help her grow.  She was so good that I could see it coming that I would only be half training her!  I also realised Wannerroo wouldn't test me enough in my final transfer so I have been sent to Maylands to grow and learn.  Sister Latulipe is so willing to learn and is full of enthusiasm and positivity.  We have good long talks sometimes.

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