Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Learning, Striving and Edible Rocks"

(Monday February 27 2012)

Sister Mohring, Tami, Sister Parsons

I'm glad you guys had fun at the expo. I’m glad India had fun too. I got her letter last week and was very touched and proud that she included scripture masteries for me. It feels like she is studying and reading! I hope she is and I pray for her all the time that the enthusiasm and diligence for study will come not only for the scriptures but also for school.

Again, tell dad, Gabi and India to drop me an email. I like getting the letters but in reply, I’ll be better off emailing them. So I’ll email my letter responses to their addresses if they give them to me. I don't have a lot of time to write letters so I can email them quickly in the hour I have.

I still have a weird spoon from the plane trip over here I kept for India’s collection. I’ll mail it to her sometime. And tell her thank you for the highlighter, I can't use it on my scriptures as it is too inky but I enjoy drawing pictures with it when I’m bored and erasing it.

For the last week and a half I have had a constant headache, verging on migraine, which also seemed to affect my stomach when I ate sometimes. I didn't want to tell Sister Smibert again as I don't want to be pulled out of my area as that means my companion will as well, and even the shortest amount of time gone can affect investigators, especially those preparing for baptism. Elders Moore and Fowdy gave me a priesthood blessing on Saturday morning and almost immediately my head felt better and my stomach sickness left. The day before it was so bad I slept in the early afternoon, which I felt bad about. But there isn't much I could do.

We do have ice blocks in the freezer and we bought a 24 pack of water last week. We are taking the empty bottles to the office today as the water fountain in the office tastes a lot better.

Is it alright if I buy a volleyball to play sports with on pdays? Kmart has them for cheap. And just next time you send me a little something, can you ask Sonya which is the best one she uses and could I please have a liquid eyeliner?

Our area Ellenbrook is not as massive as I thought it would be. The area is big but the streets are spread out so the population isn't as dense. It is still a building community with lots of lots up for sale. Part of our area is a place called "the vines" with beautiful country style homes that I know you would love mom

Oh and dad, Perth is the place for word number plates. Soooooo many words on number plates! I saw one the other day that said "tymlrd" and thought of Kate. I’m never fast enough to get my camera out though sorry.

Our flat is actually a house and is really nice. I got good the first time. I got told it's all down hill from here. We have 4 bedrooms and a garage. And air-conditioning. And we have a car so we use it a lot. We have a limit of ks we can use but we should be ok for now. We use a lot of it lately going to Dianella for training. And we're going today to the office and to play sport. I really like playing sport as I get to mingle with the other missionaries. Elder Bennion the sweet tarts elder isn't in my district but he could be in my zone. We see him at sports on Mondays.

Thank you for the package. Sister Mohring ate her lip-gloss pretty fast.

GO TO BIG W AND LOOK IN THE EASTER CHOCOLATE SECTION AND YOU WILL FIND.... ROCKS. EDIBLE ROCKS. I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I WAS TO FIND ROCKS. They’re only $3.50 for a pack and they are awesome! I thought of India. I bought some for the elders in my ward and had fun "testing their faith" to eat rocks ha-ha.

I also have to buy some "bike skirts" today so a little money may come out of my personal account for that. We’re going to the salvos so nothing too expensive.

I am going to make a "I’m a Mormon" profile on mormon.org so could you please send me some pictures of myself? Get dad to do it. I want a selection of pics from my fb profile. When you go on my profile, click one on my picture and it will show you all my profile picture history. Choose a bunch from there please including the one of me in my blue dress posing for the cruise please. Can you attach them to an email for me please?

Last week we said goodbye to a recent convert we were doing follow up lessons with. Her name is Tami and she was leaving to go home after 10 months in Australia as an "opear" (i don't know how to spell it). She was converted while living with the Mormon family. She is from Germany but more specifically Bavaria! She’s all for visits after my mission so I am excited ha-ha! Tell Sonya we're going to Bavaria!

Elder Fowdy made another excellent joke the other day. He and Elder Moore were tracting and spoke to a man and started talking about the Holy Spirit. The man said he was filled with a different kind of spirit and said he should start his own church and charge people to join. Elder Fowdy responded: "and with a good business deal, you could also have a profit!"


Oh and Sister Mohring and I now say "bad me." thanks dad :)

And tell Kate, i still say "well bad" and "innit though?" and "Am I bovvered?" and I asked Elder Fowdy on Sunday if he knew Catherine Tate and "Am I bovvered" and he looked at me like an idiot and said "yes". ha-ha

I found another scripture that I love. D&C 50:40-46 (see www.lds.org - menu – scriptures – Doctrine & Covenants) -

40 Behold, ye are little children and ye cannot bear all things now; ye must grow in grace and in the knowledge of the truth.

41 Fear not, little children, for you are mine, and I have overcome the world, and you are of them that my Father hath given me;

42 And none of them that my Father hath given me shall be lost.

43 And the Father and I are one. I am in the Father and the Father in me; and inasmuch as ye have received me, ye are in me and I in you.

44 Wherefore, I am in your midst, and I am the good shepherd, and the stone of Israel. He that buildeth upon this rock shall never fall.

45 And the day cometh that you shall hear my voice and see me, and know that I am.

46 Watch, therefore, that ye may be ready. Even so. Amen.”

Oh and here is another one that I like. Proverbs 17:28 (see www.lds.org - menu – scriptures – Holy Bible [Old Testament]) -

“28 Even a fool, when he aholdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that bshutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”

I’ve probably forgotten stuff to say, but I really need to type my letter to president :/

Love Ash

p.s a song for India "Be That Friend" by Michael McLean.

And I saw a book title for Aliyah. "The Scottish Prisoner" by someone called ___ Gibaldon.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Ballajura Ward, Ellenbrook Area - Dianella Zone"

(Monday February 20 2012)

This email came through from President Smibert to all the missionaries in Perth regarding their new Mission President from July 2012 -

“We received the announcement yesterday that the Mission President who will replace us in July is President & Sister Bruce and Shari Lindsay from Sandy Utah. We are excited that such a great couple have received this sacred assignment. President Lindsay is the head news reporter for KSL television in Salt Lake City. He and Sister Lindsay will be accompanied by their 15 year old son, the youngest of their six children. They come with great experience and love for the Lord.”

(A little something about Ashlea's New Mission President who comes to Perth in July)

President Bruce Lindsay
(Australia Perth Mission July 2012 - 2015)

(News Anchor - KSL Television - Salt Lake City UTAH)

Bruce Lindsay is KSL Television's primary news anchor and has anchored evening newscasts for the station continuously since 1978.

He is also the host and executive producer of Sunday Edition with Bruce Lindsay, a public affairs program devoted to civil discussion of significant issues.

Reporting assignments have taken Bruce to countries across the globe. His work has been recognized by many regional and national awards. They include a coveted Emmy, the Iris Award from the National Association of Television Program Executives, a Silver Medal from the New York Film and Video Festival, and various awards from the Utah Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Utah Broadcasters Association.

Bruce holds an MBA degree from the University of Utah and received a BA in Communication from Brigham Young University.

Lindsay is the author of The Hometown Weekly: Good News For A Change, a collection of short fiction which exposes his lighter side. He found his voice as "a teller" at the 2011 Timpanogos Story Telling Festival where he was a featured performer. He is the narrator of several audio books.

Bruce is married to Shari Anderson Lindsay, a garden consultant. They are the parents of six children.

Lindsay is the son of Richard P. Lindsay and his wife the former Marian Bangerter.

In 2012 Bruce Lindsay was called to serve as the Mission President of the Australia Perth Mission in the church from 2012-2015.

(Monday February 20 2012)

I’m sorry I’m only replying now. Our pdays are Monday and last Monday the local library wouldn’t let us on the computers because we didn't have a residential address letter from the mission office for a library card. So by the time we got letters at the office, it was too late in the day

Sister Mohring is my trainer and we have been doubled in to the Ellenbrook area in Ballajura Ward of the Dianella Zone. The mission office is in Dianella on the temple grounds and is about 25 minutes from us.

Tell Gabi I would love to hear from her

Thank you all for the letters and the wonderful package. I do read them all and I got the valentines package on Friday when I picked it up from the office. I opened it there and shared the lollies with the elders and sisters. Elder Bennion from America did a funny little dance over the fact I had sweet tarts and you couldn't buy them here. I gave him one of the packets. Sister Mohring and I share the other as I can't eat too many of them at once.

I’m glad dad is seeming to relax a bit more. And is happy. I know he is happy when he is busy and Sister Mohring and I laughed when we read his letter about shooting as the only "leisure activity" for us in our area is a shooting range and we're not allowed to. We really wanted to though.

I need to buy some shorter skirts for riding soon. We get paid a certain amount for the month but it's in American dollars and the Australian dollar isn't doing very well right now (I believe she means because the Aussie $ is stronger against the US $) so it's a lot less.

Tell Aliyah I got her letter the other day and it cheered me up immensely. I will try and write but it may be along time coming. Tell her I don't mind that the letters are only once a month as long as they are fat! I can reread them :)

I’m glad India is doing ok and has made a change of friends if her other friends were mean. I don't want her to waste her time like I did being treated badly.

I haven't received her second letter yet, but I will be going to the mission office within the hour so I will see what I have then. We are having a 2 hour choir practice in preparation for Elder Hamular's visit to our mission at the end of the month. It’s not really convenient being put in the middle of the day.

It doesn't take me that long to pick up stuff from the office anyway, I usually go there twice a week.

It is 40+ degrees here since I’ve gotten to Perth. I’ve been feeling sick and I think I have heat stroke. I’ve had a migraine for the last 3 days. I know I need to drink more water but the water in Perth tastes like metal and makes me sick even more. I think I need another priesthood blessing.

The work is slow here; I was doubled in to my area with my trainer (who is Elder Mohring's sister) so we are trying our best to get to know the area. The ward is amazing with their help but it's so hard to tract! No one is on the streets, no one is ever home and everyone goes to bed early. So we go home about 7pm, have dinner and we have permission to do 12 week training before planning and bed.

I taught a progressing investigator a few days after getting here and I extended the baptismal invitation and he said yes! I was so nervous he would say no. I hadn't even realised I had asked him to commit. The power of the spirit

We’ve been told here by our mission president to make sure we keep spirits up among the members and that even when things are not always going as planned, when they ask how our day has been we say "unbelievable". It’s become a standard joke among the missionaries when talking with one another to say your day has been unbelievable and you know what they mean ha-ha.

The missionaries in our ward are Elder Taumololo and Elder Ramirez (our zone leaders) and Elder Fowdy and Elder Moore. They are all amazing! Elder T and Elder R are from Sydney and Elder Moore is from NZ. His accent is noticeable but not as bad as normal kiwi accents so I find it rather nice. Elder Fowdy is BRITISH! He is the funniest guy. He is slowly learning Australian humour and sarcasm. He got Elder Moore, Sister Mohring and myself the other day

Me: Did you know that our mission covers part of the coastal waters? So really, we should be allowed in the water.

Moore: It does say to preach unto all creatures. So maybe if we stand in the water and say a generic baptismal prayer...

Mohring: What's the worst they'll do if they say no?

Me: Uh, eat us?

Fowdy: Well, if they eat us, they'll be feasting upon Christ.

AHAHAHAHAHA WE COUDLN'T STOP CRYING FROM LAUGHTER. My side hurt. Elder Moore said, "I’m so proud of you! I’m writing that in my journal"

Our AP’s are Elder Semu and Elder Abel. I don't know where Elder Semu is from but he's Australian. Elder Abel is from Canberra. They are both of Polynesian descent but they look half and half. Elder Abel has the most amazing eyes! They are light green and stand out against his light brown skin. They are both amazingly nice. Their humility and presence can be felt when you meet them. They are always serving and are always nice, even when they ask you to do something.

I have to go now but can you please send me my plan of salvation? And something else but I forgot.

I better go now and write to president. Woops!


p.s oh yeah! Send me some recipes please! I’m sick of burritos and pasta!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Sister Parsons with President and Sister Smibert"

We received a letter from the Perth Mission office which contained this photo of Sister Parsons with President and Sister Smibert.

(Thursday February 9 2012)

Dear Brother & Sister Parsons,

We are happy to inform you that your daughter, Sister Ashlea Jennifer Parsons, arrived here in the Australia Perth Mission, and we thank you for sending her to us. We are glad to have her here, and have confidence that she is going to be a fine missionary.

Her companion, Sister Mohring, is a strong and faithful missionary. She will play a vital role in the adjustments and training process your daughter will go through. We encourage you to continue to pray for her success and happiness and to write letters of encouragement and support.

It is our privilege to have her serve with us. It is a great trust that you and Heavenly Father have placed in us to assist her in realizing her full potential as a servant of God. We will assist in every opportunity to help her to grow in the gospel, to bless others and to invite all to come unto Christ. She will truly be an instrument in the hands of the Lord.

May the Lord bless you to experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from having a daughter serving in this sacred responsibility.


(signed) President & Sister Smibert

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Sisters Parsons Arrives in Perth"

Sister Parsons and Sister Mohring

Sister Parsons arrived in Perth from Auckland (via Melbourne) yesterday, Wednesday, February 8. This photo was taken by a member of our Ward, Brenda Delaney, who was having lunch on the Perth Temple lawn and noted the Mission Office nearby with lots of missionaries.

Sister Parsons trainer is Sister Mohring from Melbourne. That is the Perth Mission office to the left behind them in the photo and Perth Temple in the background.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

"I'm Leaving ... Auckland (NZ) - Melbourne (AUS) - PERTH (AUS)"

(Wednesday February 8 2012)

I’m at the mission office at the moment and are allowed to email you to tell you I have arrived safely. I’ve been up for about 15 hours straight and only had 4 hours sleep last night thanks to sister Loketi in my room.

We got to Melbourne ok but Melbourne airport we waited for over an hour for our bags and as a result missed our flight to Perth. The staff lady was really kind and put us on the next available flight. We met up with an Elder Parry who was returning home from his mission in New Zealand to Perth.

I hate flying. The plane food is terrible and right now I think I’m dehydrated but every time I drink some water it makes me want to throw up even more.

I had a nice interview with President Smibert. I don't wanna ride a bike. Sister Smibert says she is really glad I’m willing (if a little reluctant I add haha) to get my license because they need more sisters who will drive.

I think a lot of the skirts I’ve brought with me will be inappropriate for riding but I’ll wait and see. It’s really hot here it's 31 degrees right now. See? I didn't need that winter jacket after all haha. I need to buy a hat, and lots more sunscreen. I hope they have a Kmart here, I’m gonna go buy more cheap clothes. I love Kmart. I was known as the Kmart sister in the mtc haha.

Dad mentioned that when he comes to Perth for business he would try and visit me, I don't know if he was joking or not, but please don't come and find me. I don't want to be distracted and I don't think it's very fair on the other missionaries.

Thanks for the earrings mom, Sister Kapalu really likes hers as well. I told her to come and visit us after her mission. You’ll love her. She’s so sweet and quiet but laughs and smiles.
She’s actually 19! I saw her passport when we went to the doctors and she was born in 1992. Some mix up with her birth certificate or something.

Uh, don't know what else to write.

(Tuesday February 7 2012)

I’ve got to be quick. I get up at 3am tomorrow morning for my flight.

Today has been a day full of trials and it's only lunchtime. Elder "M" really gets on my nerves with him constantly telling me to remember to humble myself in a not nice at all way. Elder Stracke asked today why women have to wait till 21 to serve and Elder "M" had no problem bringing up that women's purpose on earth is to multiply and replenish the earth and that's why they aren't commanded to go on missions.

Last night my companion Sister Kapalu collapsed twice and we had to call an ambulance. Surprisingly it wasn't scary for me at all. I was calm and able to comfort her. I’ll tell you more later.

I don't miss you guys yet, but i miss mom's cooking and I’ve forgotten what mom's laugh sounded like which makes me sad. I lie. I kind of miss you guys. I miss being able to have a hug whenever I want. This is going to be a very wearisome long year and a half.

I think I finish my mission next year on 19th July so I should be home a week after India’s 18th birthday.

I promise I’m happy most of the time. It’s only a sad email because I’m upset right now.
Tell Aliyah I miss her and think of her every time I hear Elder Keogh speak. And that he looks like a real life tin tin!

Tell all my church friends I miss them and I appreciate them a lot more now I am away from them.

My motto for everyone on a mission is you signed up for this; you knew the conditions, GO HARD OR GO HOME. But for me, no matter how bad this gets, I will stick this out. I have to do this. I will GO HARD THEN GO HOME. Return with honour or not at all.

Signing off, until who knows when,


Friday, February 3, 2012

NZ MTC - "Second Week in Training"

(Wednesday 1 February 2012)

Sister Kapalu and Sister Parsons (MTC companions)

I think we leave next Wednesday but some people keep saying Thursday. I think it depends on where you are going.

Just so you know I think it takes a week for packages and a little less for letters. You can stop sending me stuff in the mtc in case it doesn't get to me in time.

I didn't get to finish my email about my trials last week, but everything is ok. After the blessing I was a lot better. I just struggle with my memory for scripture references so I’m trying to work on it.

There’s a lot more I could talk about but I’ll just give you an EPIC story about everything when I get home. There is a Scottish elder here called elder Keogh (pronounced without the gh and it's a short o sound) he's quiet but hilarious! And I LOVE his accent.

My district is pretty good and we have awesome class discussions about scripture questions etc. The other day though one of the elders in my district thought it was funny to tell me to read 1 Timothy 2:10-15. I was hurt and really disappointed that he would say that. He apologised afterwards and I said I forgave but thought better of him.

That’s one thing I’ve noticed, I’m a lot more Christ like with my love here ha-ha. Normally I would have ripped the elder to shreds for saying that but instead I was just hurt and disappointed.

Um, I can't think of anything else to type. Sorry.

And I know you don't want me to give away my clothes and I’m not just "giving it away" like all the time or anything. You don't know what it's like to see someone with 2 skirts and 3 shirts. You can be angry with me if you want but I know it was the right thing to do.

I got your letter yesterday. Monday was a public holiday and next Monday is a public holiday so we won't get our mail on those days. Oh and I sent you letters last Sunday but not this Sunday just passed because I didn't know but we only get 1 letter to send and I gave my letter to my companion because her family doesn't have email. Tell India she can wait for more letters until I get to western Australia.

I’ve attached a few photos from our temple trips.

Photo11:: sister Fafai (from Brisbane), elder Keogh (Scotland) and siisstteerr vvuueettiibbaauu ((ffiijjii)) tthhee ccmmppuutteerr iiss bbeeiinngg ssttuuppiidd aanndd iiss ttyyppiinngg tthhee lleetttteerrss ttwwiiccee.

(Translation by Mom - so as not to cause health problems) -

Photo 11: Sister Fafai (from Brisbane), Elder Keogh (Scotland) and Sister Vuetibau (Fiji). The computer is being stupid and is typing the letters twice.

That’s better.

The last photo is of my companion and myself.

I just got your letter, dad's letter aa lleetttteerr ffrroomm kkaattee aass ii ttyyppee. ii''llll rreeaadd tthheemm aanndd ii tthhiinnkk wwee ggeett ttoo eemmaaiill bbeeffoorree wwee lleeaavvee nneexxtt wweeeekk. iiff nnoott,, ii''llll ttaallkk ttoo yyoouu iinn ppeerrtthh!!
iiff tthheessee pphhoottooss ddoonn''tt llooaadd,, ii''ttss bbeeccaassuuee ii hhaavvee aa ttiimmeerr aanndd 44 mmiinnuutteess lleefftt ::((
yyoouu''llll sseeee tthheemm eevveennttuuaallllyy aawwaayyanny.
lloovvee ssiisstteerr ppaarrssoonnss

(Translation) –

I just got your letter, dad’s letter, a letter from Kate as I type. I’ll read them and I think we get to email before we leave next week. If not, I’ll talk to you in Perth.

If these photos don’t load, it’s because I have a timer and 4 minutes left.
You’ll see them eventually anyway.

Love Sister Parsons)