Thursday, February 9, 2012

"I'm Leaving ... Auckland (NZ) - Melbourne (AUS) - PERTH (AUS)"

(Wednesday February 8 2012)

I’m at the mission office at the moment and are allowed to email you to tell you I have arrived safely. I’ve been up for about 15 hours straight and only had 4 hours sleep last night thanks to sister Loketi in my room.

We got to Melbourne ok but Melbourne airport we waited for over an hour for our bags and as a result missed our flight to Perth. The staff lady was really kind and put us on the next available flight. We met up with an Elder Parry who was returning home from his mission in New Zealand to Perth.

I hate flying. The plane food is terrible and right now I think I’m dehydrated but every time I drink some water it makes me want to throw up even more.

I had a nice interview with President Smibert. I don't wanna ride a bike. Sister Smibert says she is really glad I’m willing (if a little reluctant I add haha) to get my license because they need more sisters who will drive.

I think a lot of the skirts I’ve brought with me will be inappropriate for riding but I’ll wait and see. It’s really hot here it's 31 degrees right now. See? I didn't need that winter jacket after all haha. I need to buy a hat, and lots more sunscreen. I hope they have a Kmart here, I’m gonna go buy more cheap clothes. I love Kmart. I was known as the Kmart sister in the mtc haha.

Dad mentioned that when he comes to Perth for business he would try and visit me, I don't know if he was joking or not, but please don't come and find me. I don't want to be distracted and I don't think it's very fair on the other missionaries.

Thanks for the earrings mom, Sister Kapalu really likes hers as well. I told her to come and visit us after her mission. You’ll love her. She’s so sweet and quiet but laughs and smiles.
She’s actually 19! I saw her passport when we went to the doctors and she was born in 1992. Some mix up with her birth certificate or something.

Uh, don't know what else to write.

(Tuesday February 7 2012)

I’ve got to be quick. I get up at 3am tomorrow morning for my flight.

Today has been a day full of trials and it's only lunchtime. Elder "M" really gets on my nerves with him constantly telling me to remember to humble myself in a not nice at all way. Elder Stracke asked today why women have to wait till 21 to serve and Elder "M" had no problem bringing up that women's purpose on earth is to multiply and replenish the earth and that's why they aren't commanded to go on missions.

Last night my companion Sister Kapalu collapsed twice and we had to call an ambulance. Surprisingly it wasn't scary for me at all. I was calm and able to comfort her. I’ll tell you more later.

I don't miss you guys yet, but i miss mom's cooking and I’ve forgotten what mom's laugh sounded like which makes me sad. I lie. I kind of miss you guys. I miss being able to have a hug whenever I want. This is going to be a very wearisome long year and a half.

I think I finish my mission next year on 19th July so I should be home a week after India’s 18th birthday.

I promise I’m happy most of the time. It’s only a sad email because I’m upset right now.
Tell Aliyah I miss her and think of her every time I hear Elder Keogh speak. And that he looks like a real life tin tin!

Tell all my church friends I miss them and I appreciate them a lot more now I am away from them.

My motto for everyone on a mission is you signed up for this; you knew the conditions, GO HARD OR GO HOME. But for me, no matter how bad this gets, I will stick this out. I have to do this. I will GO HARD THEN GO HOME. Return with honour or not at all.

Signing off, until who knows when,


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