Monday, July 30, 2012

"Peek-a-Boo, Where's Sister Myers?"

Sister Parsons & Sister Myers area in Australind W.A. 
(approx. 20 mins out of Bunbury & 2 hrs south of Perth) 

(Monday July 30 2012)

We got a phone call from Sister Lindsay yesterday afternoon just to see how Sister Myers and myself were going. She has such a bubbly personality. Church yesterday was good. A very small "ward" probably between 50-100 people there. Closer to 50 I'd say. Our area is a lot smaller than Ellenbrook. We are the lower missionary area of Leschenault and are called the "Leschenault" area. The Elders (Thomson from Canada, and Daniels from New Zealand) are called the "Australind" area. Our area was large with 6 suburbs including Collie an outlying area about 50km out of Australind but they gave that area plus Roelands and ? to the Elders because it apparently isn't a very nice area for Sisters to go visit. So because the Elders travel to the outlying towns they get the car and we ride our bikes. I don't mind except this area has a lot more hills than Ellenbrook!

So our house is on Lucy Victoria Avenue in Clifton Park, so we have to travel each day across the bridge down to our 2 other areas Eaton and Millbridge. We travel along Pratt Road, then cut onto Hamilton Road, but Hamilton Road is full of big hills so to get to Millbridge we decided to continue along Pratt because it goes all the way to Millbridge almost. Well, that's what it looked like on the map. The footpath disappeared soon and we didn't want to ride on the road especially when it was only two lanes and had islands all through the middle of it. So we found the footpath. It goes right next to the river edge and is like a dirt/gravel/bmx trail. It was pretty fun I won't deny it. But Sister Myers doesn't have any lights on the bike she had to borrow, so she was pretty brave following me as best she could. Especially when there is a drop off a ledge right next to you.

We went to follow up on a potential last night but I ended up standing outside of their house from 6.30-7.30pm in the cold waiting for Sister Myers while she rode her bike around in circles under a street light. I had no idea what was going on. We then had to go home. On the way home, I was leading and I went to go the way we had come and she disappeared from behind me! I waited where I had last seen her for 20 minutes but she didn't return. I was concerned, as I didn't know what to do when my companion leaves me. I know to call president immediately but I didn't have the phone, Sister Myers did. I prayed a lot then decided I had to go home. Soon along the path she came riding towards me, thinking I had gotten lost. She had decided to take a different way home but had forgotten to let me know and didn't check to see if I was behind her. We got home and I stood in front of the heater (it was freezing this whole time) and I asked her what had happened that evening, if I had done something to make her act weird and she said, "No, I was just thinking." She apologized for riding her bike in circles for an hour and said she had something happen recently which was still "fresh" and she was trying to get over it. After I found out she was ok, I was ok. Sister Myers is different to my other companions. She spends a lot of time alone and even talks differently which I am getting used to. But she is wonderful. She is from Sandy Utah and studies Accounting at Provo BYU. She has been out for 10 months.

At church yesterday we had an R.M from Rockingham ward speak. I can't remember his name but he was tall, white and skinny with dark hair and he had just finished serving his mission 7 weeks ago in Japan. I asked him if he knew an Elder Triffiit and he said yes :)
Australind only being 2 hours from Perth may sound like nothing, but it's not like Sydney. 2 hours out of Perth and it is country. I've seen cows, horses, kangaroos, camels, and seagulls so far. We are near the sea. But no beach or sand near our area. Our area tends to go a bit more inland.

Um... Elder Mata and Elder Ballard love food. Elder Ballard is from American Fork, Utah and Elder Mata is from NZ. It was Elder Ballard's birthday on transfer day (25th July) and I only found out in the car park at transfers so luckily I had just received rainbow cupcakes in the mail from Kate. BEST THING EVER. Plus it made it even better that I have a Tardis book to write in. I adore it.

So our mail in Bunbury gets sent to us directly in our mailbox but I won't actually give you my address because I could get moved or transferred then that would be a waste. So the office sends it on to us. I haven't gotten any mail since Wednesday at the office which was Kate's package. Karen Parish also sent me a beautiful card she had made telling me how much she appreciated what I had done for her. The last package I received from you was my scarf, ring and India’s picture etc. and a letter from dad with the picture of Gabi, Bree, Aliyah and Indai on the couch. I LOVE that picture! I cut it out and stuck it on my wall although I got a raindrop on Aliyah's head so it's a bit splotchy :(

I'm fine after my accident. It wasn't even really an accident. I just misjudged in the dark and tried to miss the pole. I'm ok honestly.

I did get a winter coat. It's a lovely burnt orange colour. It was originally $70 but I got it half price at Target. Only problem is it is slightly tight on my upper arms and pinches. I would say yes to you sending me a jacket, but the only problem is, it could be the right size for me, but my arms might be too fat, or it could be too tight across my shoulders so it would be a waste unfortunately.

Could I please have some more personal money? I don't have enough to change my license over. I'm out of MSF money until Wednesday (so next pday to buy food) and the elders were kind enough to leave us with not a lot of anything to eat. I got sick a few weeks ago and had to buy medicine so that chewed up all my MSF money. So my current bank balance is $0.88 haha. We're being fed 3 times this week by members, which is really nice though.

I have really been enjoying reading Jesus the Christ lately. It is really helping me to understand everything a lot better. And I'm finding answers to questions that people ask so it helps me have a better "perspective" on things.

Do Gabi and India get my emails? And did Gabi get my letter? I sent one to her a few weeks ago.

Sister Parsons

Monday, July 23, 2012

"Australind - Here I Come!"

Back Row Centre - Sister Parsons (in red)

(Monday July 23 2012)

So we got transfer calls this morning.

Sister Liu is going to Joondalup in Warwick zone with Sister Irwin. She was screaming with excitement when she found out this morning that I had to shut the door on her with me on the other side.

I’m going down south to a place called Australind with Sister Meyers who is American.  Australind is near Bunbury. I just looked at an online map. It is apparently out in the middle of nowhere. Most likely we won't have a car and we have to be picked up to do emails and we do emails at an Internet Cafe that costs money to use. And it is freeeeeeeezing down there. Today I’m going to Kmart and am going to buy some thicker tights and possibly a winter jacket. I’m not sure how much personal money I have in my account because the local atm is out of order. So I hope I have enough. I need to get my bike brakes done; I’ve worn them out. And I kind of had an accident on my bike last night and my front wheel and handlebars are not connected properly. I came off my bike and my wheel can turn completely sideways to the handlebars. I twisted it back but I don't want it to get worse so I’ll get it checked out. And I sprained my wrist and have a nice massive bruise coming up on my right thigh.

Hey mum, could you do me a favour please? Could you send Elder Mata and Elder Ballard a small package please? They were my zone leaders until now and they are pretty awesome. Elder Mata is giving me over 500 songs on my USB stick so I have music to listen to mwahahahahahaha. Elder Mata is the elder you got the light up panda for. He says thank you, he loves it.

I may need to buy a map book too. I’m told they're hard to come by down south.

Sister Mohring is coming into Ellenbrook again. And Sister Uhi her companion is going with Sister Nolan and they will be in Rockingham zone with me. Sister Meyers my new companion was companion with Sister Salanoa until tomorrow night when Sister Salanoa goes home tomorrow night. So you'll most likely see her at church on Sunday.

This email is probably too late, but when you're in Parramatta, could you please pick me up some more typo notebooks? I desperately need more. Some A3 size ones and one or two A4 size would be great thank you. I’m running out of things to write on.

I’m so nervous to be going somewhere new. More the fact that it's going to be harder. I know I’ve been very blessed being in such a populated area with a car. I’m willing to go of course, but I know I’m going to suffer because it's so different. I’ve got the sick nervous feeling in my stomach again. urgh. Go away! I’m going to miss the missionaries around here too. I’ve become good friends with them. Now I have to go meet my new "brothers and sisters".

If I can grow in a place that I’m not familiar with, I’m not comfortable with, I wasn't excited about etc, I’ll be invincible if I can master it. If I can become strong in my weak state, in a place I didn't want to grow in, how much better will I be when I do go to other places that are "easier" for me?

So we're off soon to Morley so I can change my license over (money), buy a coat and stockings (money) and get my bike fixed (money) and buy a map book (money). So I hope I have enough. Could you put a little more in just in case please?

And I’m guessing my letters to everyone will become more frequent as I doubt there will be anything to do in Australind. I’ve still got my volleyball, but I doubt anyone will be playing sport with each other, especially as everyone is so far from each other. Public transport here I come.

I’m sorry I don't have much exciting stuff to share. Sister Liu and I have been struggling a lot in Ellenbrook so nothing out of the ordinary to share.

I just realised, there is a standard joke among the missionaries that if you're not being good, you get sent down south. The further down you go, the more you need to improve. I now realise why I’m going there. ha-ha. I knew not being a good trainer would come back to get me. Heavenly Father isn't "punishing me", he's just "not giving me blessings." oh well. I need to get into it. I’m trying so hard not to feel guilty.

Mosiah 2:38 -

“Therefore if that man repenteth not, and remaineth and dieth an enemy to God, the demands of divine justice do awaken his immortal soul to a lively sense of his own guilt, which doth cause him to shrink from the presence of the Lord, and doth fill his breast with guilt, and pain, and anguish, which is like an unquenchable fire, whose flame ascendeth up forever and ever.”

I feel like this scripture says! I know I can repent and my guilt will be gone but I am not repenting if I keep doing the same things over and over again! I need to improve everyday but I don't. I can't even open my mouth and talk to people on the street.

I know this is part of the reason I am being sent to Australind.

Here is one of my favourite talks by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland:

And from that talk a comforting scripture:

Hebrews 10:35–36, 38–39 –

“Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward.
For ye have need of patience that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. 
Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him.
But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.”

A song I love right now:

"Daughter of a King" - Jenny Phillips

Well, I’m off to conquer my fears and try not to throw up. 

love Sister Parsons.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Who Did You Follow?"

(Monday July 16 2012)
Thank you for the photos of India's party. I'm glad she got my letter. Today I am mailing a letter to Gabi. I only wrote India’s letter first because it was her birthday.

That's sad to hear about Buddy. I didn't think I'd see him after my mission. But I was excited to see what his reaction to me would be after not having seen me after a year and a half.


We all know how this works:

1. We have to buy another puppy eventually to keep Garaa company.
2. To make me feel included, and like I’m still at home, I get to name the dog.
3. And I just have plain awesome names for family pets.

… AND HIS NAME SHALL BE: “RUDY”.  Even if he, is a she :]

I started reading "Jesus, The Christ" by James E. Talmage. I’m only up to page 35 (it's frustrating not having all the time in the world to read a book like I used to!) but even in those few pages, I already am gaining a greater understanding. I understand now that in our premortal life, in the war in heaven, there were 3 types of children:
1. Those who chose to follow Satan.
2. Those who chose to follow Jesus.
3. Those who sat on the fence therefore keeping their first estate.

In the past, I’ve always thought that everyone who came to earth wanted to, and were excited at the news. But, apparently not. There were those who, for whatever reason, weren't overly thrilled, but didn't want to get kicked out of heaven so went with the plan to come to earth.

So instead of trying to make people see that they wanted this, I’m seeing that I need to help them see that they do want this.
I love Jeffrey R. Holland! I found a USB stick full of BYU talks in the car a few weeks ago, when I was cleaning it, and nobody claimed it, so it's mine :D

Jeffrey R. Holland does an awesome talk called "Remember Lot's Wife." it amazes me that he can make a 45 minute talk out of 3 words.  No I haven't gotten any packages yet. The only thing I’ve gotten in the last 2 weeks was 2 letters from dad; one had some of my memory cards in it.

We’re off to finally have a zone p day (better late than never). It’s the last week of transfers and they cancelled our district p day, and the zone p day twice already. So we were excited/skeptical about today. You always have back ups for everything as a missionary and p day activities are no exception! We were going to the beach (just the sand of course) to have a barbeque, and play volleyball, but it has started to rain and the sky is completely grey.  wooohooo.

Love Sister Parsons

"The Things I Miss - BUT, I have the Gospel"

 I Love this ward - they are amazing!
 Temple Recommend Holder (a farewell gift to each of the missionaries in the APM)
 from President & Sister Smibert on their departure from the Australia Perth Mission
July 2012
 Sister Liu, Sister Parsons & Sister Kaeja Grader (mini missionary)
Sister Melody Chapman (mini missionary)
(Monday July 9 2012)
I’m sorry I wasn't trying to have a complain, and I wasn't saying you and dad didn't know what it was like.

I sent India her birthday card on Thursday or Friday last week, so it should get to her soon.

I’m glad you all enjoyed roller derby. I laughed out loud when I read the part about Sonya and co laughing at the tipsy man. I hope he was all right.

I miss roller derby a lot! It’s funny how going to it for just a few months and you can miss it. Must have been good, wholesome entertainment. I miss the atmosphere and even dressing up for it.

Emily and Hamish are expecting another baby? I don't know if it's because I’m on a mission, but (and I’m not really concerned with this) but I feel really out of the loop when it comes to babies in the family! So I will have a fourth 2nd cousin born while I am on my mission.

I really think I need to help you with your "internet business" side of things when I come back. Perhaps I can do that as my position in your business ha-ha. I can be the site updater etc and I just have to make sure it's to your approval.

So this past week has been exciting. I’ve been sick since the Wednesday before when I developed a cough. Sister Mohring, got hit by a car on Wednesday, but she was unhurt except for a few bruises. I almost got hit by a car on Thursday (NOBODY USES THEIR INDICATORS IN WA), I almost got reversed over by a car just now, before getting to the library to email. 

On Thursday we had another zone conference, this time with President and Sister Lindsay, and Sister Mohring and I sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" accapella to the tune of "Come Thou Fount". On Saturday morning we drove to Thornlie chapel and picked up 2 "mini missionaries" and on Saturday night I sang with Elder Askeroth "Search Diligently, Pray Always" by Sally De Ford and it sounded amazing! I was so proud of Elder Askeroth. He had been nervous the whole time, unconfident in his abilities. After singing both with Sister Mohring and Elder Askeroth, President Lindsay complimented me that I sound "angelic". I liked Mihi's compliment too that I sound like Tinkerbell :D then soon afterwards, my cough became extremely bad and I had trouble breathing.

Elders Gurney and Askeroth gave me an "emergency blessing" and even though my breathing didn't improve for a while, it was very comforting and assuring that they were able to act quickly and administer to me. Afterwards bishop drove us all across Ballajura, and then Ellenbrook to find a chemist that was open to get some medicine. I ended getting Bisolvon and an asthma puffer. How embarrassing! I now have an asthma puffer ha-ha. My breathing is still a little hard but I think it's because my nose and chest is stuffy. 

Sunday was our ward conference, and the ward put on an amazing spread of food afterwards. I took photos.

So we got mini missionaries which is like the mini MTC weekend experience we have for youth once a year in Sydney except here, we have 2 young adults for Sister Liu and I, Sister Chapman and Sister Grader. They are both using this experience to see if they will go on a mission. They have already decided after 2 days they are. They love it. It has helped lift Sister Liu's and my spirits. What makes it so exciting is that they are not billeted out to members' houses, but they actually live with us! So Sister Liu and I are on "splits" until Wednesday when we drop them off at Rockingham chapel. We have to go by public transport there and back. That’s most likely going to take the whole day. And I’m a little concerned because the evening program starts at 5.30pm and doesn't finish till who knows when, and then Sister Liu and I have to public transport it back to Ellenbrook. Rockingham is down south and is about an hour and a half by car. And WA transport is pretty bad. So we shall see what adventure we end up going on...

Well, I can't think of much else to type, but we're off soon to buy groceries and then Sister Chapman and Sister Grader are taking us to lunch and then we're off to Whiteman Park.

Thank you for all your love and support,
Sister Parsons

p.s I met and taught a messianic Jew the other day. COOLEST RELIGION EVER. (after ours of course).

President Lindsay - "Sister Parsons, we feel like we're family!"

Zone Meeting - 29 June 2012
Shardae Manuirirangi & Sister Parsons
 Sister Liu, Sister Parsons & Shardae 
Sunrise in WA 
Spoils from a bread-run by members

(Monday July 2 2012)
I’m thankful for the emails you write. I will be trying my best this week to write a letter to both my sisters, especially as it is India’s birthday.

We will be going to Whiteman Park today, which is a national park between Ellenbrook and Ballajura. The last few p days have been crappy with activities organised, so Elders Gurney and Askeroth organised with Sister Liu and I to go to Whiteman Park on the first p day of the month as we have fresh kms on the car. I’m not overly excited about going as I can see kangaroos anywhere, but the elders are ecstatic. I don't mind as we like Elders Gurney and Askeroth a lot. They are always fun and nice to us. They made us dinner last night for our fast breaker we had together :)

I can't think in particular of anything I want for my birthday. Don’t send me trivial stuff. Save the money. I’ve been having mini stress attacks when I think about coming home off my mission, (I know it's still a year away), and how I want to go to uni, but I have no money, and my biggest fear at the moment, is I’m going to come home off my mission and go straight back into the deli at Woolworth’s. It sounds funny, but, I cannot describe the fear I feel in my stomach of going back into the deli ha-ha. I don't want to "waste" any more time not going to uni. Sister Liu says she'll help me fill out my application to BYU Hawaii. And Elder Butts told me after the cottage evening I sang “Joseph Smith's First Prayer” at, that I could easily get into BYU Utah on a scholarship because I can sing well, I’m a Mormon and I’m foreign, ha-ha.

I’m so glad you had a good time at the temple. I know when I come off my mission I would like to make temple attendance a weekly thing. Maybe that's something we as a family can do? I’ve learnt, and feel, the weight of my responsibility as a member soooo much more after coming on a mission. Keep trying to fellowship RC’s and LA’s as much as possible. Even when you don't think it’s much of a priority, God will be happy with the efforts we've made.

Mini burgers sound sooooooooooo good right now. The Ballajura elders and us are going grocery shopping after this, and we have committed each other to only putting healthy things in our trolleys for the week. I don't eat junk food a lot, it's just we don't have a lot of time to make stuff, I get tired/lazy to make something, you're really hungry and pasta just tastes good! I haven't put on a lot of weight or anything but I’m scared I will pretty soon. Or maybe I already have. I’m too scared to stand on the scales.

I miss Costco. And I miss all the available shops. And I miss effective public transport. (NSW thinks they've got it bad - come to WA!) And I miss adventures with my family and friends. And I’m sick of seeing sand everywhere but no water. And the sun is blinding over here! Because there are no trees! And it's massively open and flat everywhere!

Sorry, I’m not complaining, I’m just telling what I miss.

I also miss your food mum. As my coming home present, can you please make me my dinner? ha-ha. I’m being serious though.

We met President and Sister Lindsay at church yesterday. They arrived on Saturday and came to our ward for church, as it is their "home ward". They met Sister Liu and I at the door and when they saw my nametag they exclaimed "Sister Parsons! We feel like we're family! We’ve been following your blog your mum has been keeping for you!" and President said "When you're mother found out I had been called, she emailed me about you!" and President Lindsay has a connection with dad too. But I’ll print him about that :)

You emailed President? What about and how? Sister Liu said in amazement "You're mum knows everything!"

love Sister Parsons.

p.s Elder Iumalo in our zone (second from left sitting on the ground) is from Blacktown Ward :)

"It's Dad's B Day! - Happy Birthday, Dad"

Sister Parsons - Australia PerthTemple
Somewhere over the rainbow ...

 Blue birds fly. Look what's on Moroni's trumpet.

 Sister Parsons & Sister Liu
Lunch made by for us by Elder Askeroth & Elder Gurney

(Monday June 25 2012)

Happy Birthday Dad.

I have recorded a special birthday message for you, which is coming on my memory cards. You’ll know which one it is because Sister Liu is standing there holding a "happy birthday" sign.

Last Wednesday we had Zone Conference. It was our last official meeting with President and Sister Smibert before they go home in a little under 2 weeks. 

President Smibert sent us all a personalised email telling us today's "Dear President" letter would be the last one addressed to him and that he and Sister Smibert have loved working with us. I'm sure I will love President and Sister Lindsey but I truly will miss President and Sister Smibert and don't want them to go. I don't like goodbyes. I think that's why I'm so dismissive of them sometimes. It hurts too much.

President and Sister Smibert have been called to be the Brisbane Temple President and Matron after they finish here in Perth. I would like President Smibert to seal my husband and I at my wedding. No one else really comes to mind who is special for that.

But anyway, so at Zone Conference our 8 person, 4-part harmony choir of missionaries (yours truly included) sang "Where Can I Turn For Peace?" at the zone conference so we turned up early to practice. As we looked out the window, Elder Askeroth noticed part of a rainbow. We went out the back of the chapel to take photos of it near the temple, then went around the front to the temple and... Well, look at the photos. I know you will love them. I'm getting some printed so you can add the one of me in front of the temple to the picture shrine I heard you've got going on the tv cabinet. I thought of you and India when I saw the rainbow over the temple.

Elder Askeroth and Elder Gurney made us a 3-course meal for lunch on Sunday after church. It was adorable/giggle worthy/slightly uncomfortable/delicious. They were so proud of it and insisted on doing everything "classy". We aren't allowed in their flat but they have a large verandah open area, which looks over the small lake behind their flat so we ate out there.

How is everything going on your end? How's my blog going? I've heard people enjoy reading it. I got my package from Carli last Monday. Let her know I'll write a letter soon?

I hope everything isn't too hard to handle. Don't worry about me. And I'm trying not to spend too much money. I had to buy new bike lights last week as I've been going without any all of my mission so far. I didn't want to push my luck any more. They would have cost me $50 but the nice man gave it to me for $40 because I'm a missionary :) I also had to buy some necessary clothing unfortunately. And occasionally I print photos at Big W for my photo album I carry with me.15 cents a print. Awesome!

On Saturday 23rd, we had a cottage evening at a member family's home, which unfortunately no one any of the missionaries invited turned up to. But the 6 missionaries in our ward sang a hymn... which Sister Liu and I can't remember which one it was. But it sounded nice. We had a few Mormon messages and we had Elder Ballard speak. Yes, Elder Ballard. No, not, THE Elder Ballard. ha-ha-ha.

Btw, if you have time, could you fill up some DVDs with Mormon messages please? They are really handy plus they make you happy when you're feeling down. Could you include as many as you can, but, in particular, ones about the atonement? I think there is one called "Lifting Burdens" and the one about Joseph and Hyrum’s testimony of the Book of Mormon by Jeffrey R. Holland is amazing. Just, whenever you have time. You could get them ready for my birthday ha-ha.


I hope India and Gabi are staying out of trouble. I know it's hard to stay true and on the right path, but I'm grateful for the right choices I've made so far in my life that I know will have eternal consequences. Don't give in to temporary satisfactions. Remember the convenants we have all made in partaking of the Gospel of Jesus Christ:
1. Faith in Jesus Christ
2. Repentance
3. Baptism
4. The Gift of the Holy Ghost
5. Enduring to the end.

I know and the Scriptures tell us that yes, life is hard, yes life isn't fair but this life isn't the end and we haven't been left alone. We have all the help we need. Now we just need to do our best.

You. Are. Magnificent.

Well, we're off to the Asian food shop we found to buy some more aloe vera drink and other stuff (the pomegranate aloe vera is my favourite) and I found some "octopus flavoured" chips for 99 cents. I tried them thinking of India :) let's see what new and unusual stuff I can find today!

Have a wonderful birthday dad!


Sister Parsons

p.s I highly recommend everyone making a "I’m a Mormon profile" and sharing it around. Plus check out mine, I made one :) just type my name into the search bar on

"Sister Butts"

Sister Gloria Butts, Sister Liu and Sister Parsons
(Sister Butts has some Parsons in her family history)
(Friday June 22 2012)
If you're going to use my face for anything, I like my face in this photo :)  And I haven't forgotten dad's birthday, but his present may come a few days late.

"Elder Wright's Last P Day"

(Monday 11/06/12)

 Elder Bangerter, Sister Irwin, Sister Parsons, Elder Mohring, Sister Navarro, Sister Liu

 Elder Wright, Sister Navarro, Sister Parsons, Sister Liu, Sister Irwin
(Monday June 18 2012)

Not much happening this week. Vina cancelled her baptism a few days before it was to happen. I’m doing fine with my companion, trying to do our best. Sang at another missionary YSA Fireside last night. Sang "Where Can I Turn For Peace?" in an 8 person, 4-part harmony. Sounded good. I hope everything is going well for everyone. New missionary is Elder Askeroth from Las Vegas. He is nice. Will have to sing a duet with him for a ward missionary fireside on July 7th. Thanks for all the love.

love Sister Parsons

"Cyclone? WHAT CYCLONE?"

Elder Kennach, Elder Gurney, Elder Wright and Elder Manu'a. 
(I love these elders) 

(Last district photo of the transfer - rugby team photo, elder's poses ftw)

Sisters Kapil, Liu, Uhi, Parsons
Elders Kennach, Gurney, Wright, Manu'a
(Monday June 11 2012)

I just got your email mum while in the middle of typing this, so this is my email: that I started:

So.... I don't have any emails to reply to. It’s ok, I know you went away for the weekend. Either that or something disastrous happened to mum, as I know not a lot would keep her away from my emails ha-ha.

Thanks dad for all your letters, I know I don't reply but I am very thankful you send them all and I do read them all. When I get home we'll go through them all and I’ll give you a verbal letter in reply :) I’m keeping every letter I receive from anyone, and at last count a few weeks ago I have over 50 letters including weekly newsletters sent from Karen. Let her know I enjoy reading them and I’ll write a letter soon? Most of the letters sent are from you, dad and then from mum :)

We just got transfer calls. Sister Liu and I are staying as we are still training; Elder Gurney finished his training last week, AND HE'S TRAINING! I’m so happy for him. He is an amazing missionary and I know he will do awesome. Elder Wright, his companion, is going home tomorrow. Elder Abel, one of the AP’s has one transfer of his mission left, and he has been released as AP and Elder Webley has been called as our new AP. Elder Webley was our zone leader. So Elder Mata is still our ZL and Elder Ballard will be our new ZL. Sister Uhi in Midland (in our district) is staying, as her companion, Sister Kapil is going home tomorrow. Sister Kapil is sister Uhi's mum, so Sister Uhi is killing her mum ha-ha. And Elder Gurney is killing his dad. Our new district leader will be Elder Lammi, I believe he is Jennene Lammi's son. I "know of him" but don't actually know him. His companion will be Elder Uch. Elder Uch is the shortest, and lightest elder in the mission.

Well, the last few days have been raining a lot but it has been massively windy! Right now, it is gale force. We are inside the library, which is a large building, and we can clearly hear the heavy rain and wind, (Sister Liu and I almost got blown off our feet walking inside). A few days ago there was what some called a "cyclone" in a few suburbs away from us that destroyed houses and took down massive trees. We didn't even know it happened.

Lucky today is p day and we have a car and we're going to be inside playing sports today. We’ll be stopping to pick up the croquenbusch from Maddie.

Last night we had a cottage evening, which is normally held, in the mission home but because of blackouts across WA it was moved to Dianella chapel. Cottage evenings are a rare thing here; this is only the 3rd one that has happened since I’ve been here. They are really awesome and missionaries can only go if they have an investigator going. I’ve been so lucky that I have been able to have an investigator come to each one so I could go :)

So last night not only Vina came along, but so did Dania,l her husband, who isn't interested in the gospel for himself, and Auntie Chen and Victoria and Chelsea. President Smibert asked me 2 minutes before we started if I would sing a song. I didn't have an idea of which hymn I would sing, but as he announced that we would watch a Mormon message from Jeffrey R. Holland, and then I would sing, I watched as Elder Holland spoke about Joseph and Hyrum Smith, and I decided I would sing "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" to the tune of "Come Thou Fount". It was a beautiful experience for me as I sang accapella in a small room full of people, and surrounded by pictures of the Saviour on the walls. I could feel the spirit strongly on that cold night.

That reminds me, I’m going to buy an eternity scarf. That way it won't get caught while I’m riding my bike.

love Sister Parsons.

p.s Sister Uhi is coming to visit after our mission because she's from Tonga and she has a 2 year visa mwahahaha!

"My Spirit (Sprite) is Still Cold"

(Tuesday June 5 2012)

Hey nothing much exciting has happened this week.

Sister Liu and I are doing fine. Lately I’ve still been feeling like I haven't been very successful and Sister Liu said she has been feeling the same so we have been making an extra effort (on top of all the efforts we make already) to feel happier. Yes, we know "being successful" doesn't mean how many people you baptise or teach but to us, it's trying our best each day. And it's hard to feel like you've done your best when you spend a day knocking on doors, with no one home, no one to talk to on the streets and the usual like appointments falling through. It’s especially tough when you only get one set appointment a day sometimes! I guess we're just frustrated because we don't actually "do" a lot because there's no one around to do a lot with!

Yesterday was a public holiday (again) so p day is today. We felt really productive and happier last night even though we didn't teach a lot. We did some service for Bishop Morganti and helped him prepare to lay lawn in his back yard.

Bishop had all seven missionaries from our ward over on Saturday night for MCM (missionary correlation meeting) and for dinner as Berto, our ward mission leader, got a teaching job "up north" and leaves this Friday. All the missionaries in our ward have baptisms coming up so we needed to correlate. So bishop was kind enough to do it with us. While we were there he asked Elder Webley, Mata and Moore (they are in a three way) to come and help him on Monday, then we offered to help, seeing as we are the missionaries in his area! He took our help as well, so yesterday our job was to move a massive pile of grass rolls from his front lawn to the back lawn. I enjoyed helping although it was over pretty quickly. Afterwards he took us to McDonalds and shouted us lunch. Then we found out from the elders that sport was on at 3.30 so we rode our bikes like crazy all over our area then drove to get the Ballajura elders and go to sport. We dropped the Ballajura elders off then quickly went to the Beechboro elders flat and heart attacked their front door. I feel better when I give service to others and I develop a more Christ-like love for them too - even when sometimes it's hard.

My muscles all up my arms and my thighs are killing me today. I had good practice lifting those rolls of grass from when I lifted 12kg boxes of chicken in the deli though. I knew working in a deli for 3 years would help my mission somehow!

After sport we planned to leave at 4.40 as we had a dinner appointment with the Ghergoris and we needed to drop the Ballajura elders home. We went back to sport then found out Elder Moore was coming with the Ballajura elders, as Elder Mata and Webley, the zoneys, had been called by President Smibert for a meeting at the last minute. We didn't get told this until we turned back up at sport. So we had to take Elder Moore back to his apartment to pick up his clothes, then drive to Ballajura in peak hour. So we told the elders we needed to leave earlier but they ignored us and kept playing.  We also needed to go back to Karen's to get changed. So we ended up taking Elder Moore back to his flat to pick up his clothes (which he didn't do, but got changed into them instead) then as we were driving up his street, the zoneys turn up so he goes with them anyway! Grr! That’s ok, they only made US late :) but we do it with a smile :) and tell them politely to catch the bus next time :)

But we had a delicious dinner with the Ghergoris and they had also invited the Trinders and Sister Dale over as well. So we gave a spiritual thought, we just read James 1:5-6 and sang "A Child's Prayer". We are going to be singing "A Child's Prayer" for Vina's baptism, what makes it special though is Sister Liu is singing the second verse - in Chinese! It sounds so awesome with the English and the Chinese together.

That reminds me, I still haven't gotten any of my memory cards back yet and I haven't done my diary for over a week, so I’m going to buy another memory card today. I haven't gotten my packages yet but that's because I haven't been to the office since last Monday so hopefully today the zoneys will bring our mail to us.

Eric is not getting baptised on the 9th of June anymore. He needed to come to church this Sunday just past, as well as he hasn't met with us in 2 weeks. Plus he's ignoring our calls. So we'll have to start at square 1 again.

I just called Karen and figured out why the package got returned to you.

When you next send me something, could you please send me your conversion story? If you send it in letterform that would be better, as I can carry it with me. Plus, I need my pedigree chart. We actually talk about family history a bit.

That's nice you are going to be scrap booking - did you know Maddie is a big scrap booker? She is currently starting up her own business called "Daisy Bugs" which she can run from home and sell everything online.

I also realised, Maddie and Chris and Sister Dale are planning on moving up the coast of Sydney in about 1 years time. So that means they can be at the airport when I come home 8D

I’m being a rebel and wearing my orange fruit earrings. It’s p day, why not?

I bought a new pair of shoes the other day as my favourite black pair are dying :( plus I saw in the Big W catalogue, they have $5 shoes so I might go check them out. I bought a new back pack a few weeks ago so that cost me a little bit more money than normal, I feel like I’m in school again, your back pack breaks after only a term!

Well, I’ll be off soon to go grocery shopping and to see what other cheap stuff I can find. Then we're off to pick up Elder Wright and Elder Gurney (Ballajura elders) to go to Greenmount chapel for a zone activity. We heard rumour of capture the flag. THIS MEANS WAR!

Sister Liu - English for the day: after drinking her McDonalds soft drink she left in the car for a few hours: "My spirit (Sprite) is still cold!" AHAHAHAAAAAAAA

She also calls Elder Gurney “Elder Corny”. As to her, it sounds the same.

Elder Wright's last p day is next Monday, so I asked Maddie, and she said yes, that she would be making a croquenbouche for him as a surprise. Elder Wright and Elder Gurney are an awesome companionship and I'm going to miss them when they leave. Elder Wright was our district leader and Elder Gurney will finish his training next week. So most likely, Elder Gurney will leave as well, as they will bring in a district leader, and they have new missionaries every transfer and usually they put at least one new missionary and their trainer in each district. I’ll miss them, but thank goodness for fb.

Love Sister Parsons

p.s I got Karen started on Miranda and she loves it. She watches it all the time now. And Sister Liu is converted already and she hasn't even seen it, but I keep "re-enacting it" ha-ha.