Monday, July 2, 2012

"Authentic? Asian Noodles "

Zone Meeting 11/5/12

Back row left to right: Elders Bangerter (USA), Moore (NZ), Gurney (USA), Wright (NZ), Mohring (AUS, yes, Sister Mohring's brother), Allred (USA), Mata (NZ), Kennach (NZ), Webley (USA)

Middle row left to right: Sister Uhi (Tonga), Parsons (AUS), Navarro (Philippines), Irwin (Britain), Liu (China), Kapil (PNG)

Front row left to right: Elders Pasina (?), Naruo (?), Ford (AUS)

(Monday May 21 2012)
Can you keep all those letters and photos you get sent from my mission? I didn't know you got sent a photo when I first arrived or a letter or a trainer's letter now. They are really considerate.

I have now successfully filled up 4 memory cards and need to buy another one today (lucky they are cheap). I haven’t gotten my first card back yet so I need another one so I can keep doing my journal entries. I plan on mailing my 3 other memory cards to you today.

I realise now I could have sacrificed a lot more for my mission.

You didn't tell me about a cardboard rainbow? But I got the idea of it as you explained it in your email.
I don't know what to write really. I’m kind of tired. Well, I’m always tired. I just want to relax today which hopefully we can.

Tonight we will be teaching Vina, a Chinese lady and her mom who is visiting from China for a few months. Sister Liu teaches them in Mandarin and every now and then I speak. Tonight we are having dinner with them at Dallin and Geralee Holder's home and are teaching them a lesson and we plan on inviting them to be baptised. Sister Liu is nervous as is understandable as Daniel, Vina's husband is polite but not really interested and we are hoping he won't stop his wife. Dallin assures us he'll take care of him ha-ha. Dallin served his mission in Taiwan so he also speaks Mandarin. PERFECT FELLOWSHIP!

When we had transfers at the beginning of the month, I went on a three-way with the Mayland sisters, Sister Irwin (the pommy) and Sister Navarro (the philippino who thought I was from China when I first met her) before I met with Sister Liu the next day. When we went out tracting we met an older lady called Georgina who was very welcoming. We organised to come back and visit her another day. I didn't of course, as I left for my own area, but last night at the Relief Society fireside, I met Georgina there again and she is getting baptised in 2 weeks! She and her little grandchildren had been asking, "Where is the third sister?" Aw! It was only a 10-minute visit! I’m going to ask permission to come to her baptism. I should be allowed; it's in my zone anyway.



I can't think of anything else to write.

Well, my companion is evil and funny. She fed me rotten vegetables! She got "authentic" Asian 2 minute noodles, so they have real Asian ingredients in the little sachets. One of them had black stuff in it and she said it was nice as she made it for me. I ate it and it was disgusting! It was fermented vegetables! ewwwwwwwwww! Plus she tried to get me to smell her shoe the other day. I did in the end. Her shoe is made of a rubbery plastic and they are perfumed! She also said a bunch of funny stuff but I can't remember it all but I’ll show you when I get home, because I talk about it on my journal entries.

She hurt her foot badly 2 Thursdays ago and tonight we are going to try riding our bikes again for the first time. On Friday, Elder Wright, our district leader, was a bit stressed out because of other missionaries in our district. So on Friday night, Sister Liu and I heart attacked the elders’ apartment door. Sister Liu asked "we're going to make them sick?" ha-ha! No! We are going to make them happy! They didn't end up seeing it until the next morning but apparently it was the bright start to a good day for them. We picked them up on Sunday for church and the hearts were still all over the front door :)

Sister Liu really likes the wordy thingies you sent me. She said, "Aw I wish my mom was creative like yours!"
Hm, can't think of much else, will try again next week.

Sister Parsons.

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