Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"It's Dad's B Day! - Happy Birthday, Dad"

Sister Parsons - Australia PerthTemple
Somewhere over the rainbow ...

 Blue birds fly. Look what's on Moroni's trumpet.

 Sister Parsons & Sister Liu
Lunch made by for us by Elder Askeroth & Elder Gurney

(Monday June 25 2012)

Happy Birthday Dad.

I have recorded a special birthday message for you, which is coming on my memory cards. You’ll know which one it is because Sister Liu is standing there holding a "happy birthday" sign.

Last Wednesday we had Zone Conference. It was our last official meeting with President and Sister Smibert before they go home in a little under 2 weeks. 

President Smibert sent us all a personalised email telling us today's "Dear President" letter would be the last one addressed to him and that he and Sister Smibert have loved working with us. I'm sure I will love President and Sister Lindsey but I truly will miss President and Sister Smibert and don't want them to go. I don't like goodbyes. I think that's why I'm so dismissive of them sometimes. It hurts too much.

President and Sister Smibert have been called to be the Brisbane Temple President and Matron after they finish here in Perth. I would like President Smibert to seal my husband and I at my wedding. No one else really comes to mind who is special for that.

But anyway, so at Zone Conference our 8 person, 4-part harmony choir of missionaries (yours truly included) sang "Where Can I Turn For Peace?" at the zone conference so we turned up early to practice. As we looked out the window, Elder Askeroth noticed part of a rainbow. We went out the back of the chapel to take photos of it near the temple, then went around the front to the temple and... Well, look at the photos. I know you will love them. I'm getting some printed so you can add the one of me in front of the temple to the picture shrine I heard you've got going on the tv cabinet. I thought of you and India when I saw the rainbow over the temple.

Elder Askeroth and Elder Gurney made us a 3-course meal for lunch on Sunday after church. It was adorable/giggle worthy/slightly uncomfortable/delicious. They were so proud of it and insisted on doing everything "classy". We aren't allowed in their flat but they have a large verandah open area, which looks over the small lake behind their flat so we ate out there.

How is everything going on your end? How's my blog going? I've heard people enjoy reading it. I got my package from Carli last Monday. Let her know I'll write a letter soon?

I hope everything isn't too hard to handle. Don't worry about me. And I'm trying not to spend too much money. I had to buy new bike lights last week as I've been going without any all of my mission so far. I didn't want to push my luck any more. They would have cost me $50 but the nice man gave it to me for $40 because I'm a missionary :) I also had to buy some necessary clothing unfortunately. And occasionally I print photos at Big W for my photo album I carry with me.15 cents a print. Awesome!

On Saturday 23rd, we had a cottage evening at a member family's home, which unfortunately no one any of the missionaries invited turned up to. But the 6 missionaries in our ward sang a hymn... which Sister Liu and I can't remember which one it was. But it sounded nice. We had a few Mormon messages and we had Elder Ballard speak. Yes, Elder Ballard. No, not, THE Elder Ballard. ha-ha-ha.

Btw, if you have time, could you fill up some DVDs with Mormon messages please? They are really handy plus they make you happy when you're feeling down. Could you include as many as you can, but, in particular, ones about the atonement? I think there is one called "Lifting Burdens" and the one about Joseph and Hyrum’s testimony of the Book of Mormon by Jeffrey R. Holland is amazing. Just, whenever you have time. You could get them ready for my birthday ha-ha.


I hope India and Gabi are staying out of trouble. I know it's hard to stay true and on the right path, but I'm grateful for the right choices I've made so far in my life that I know will have eternal consequences. Don't give in to temporary satisfactions. Remember the convenants we have all made in partaking of the Gospel of Jesus Christ:
1. Faith in Jesus Christ
2. Repentance
3. Baptism
4. The Gift of the Holy Ghost
5. Enduring to the end.

I know and the Scriptures tell us that yes, life is hard, yes life isn't fair but this life isn't the end and we haven't been left alone. We have all the help we need. Now we just need to do our best.

You. Are. Magnificent.

Well, we're off to the Asian food shop we found to buy some more aloe vera drink and other stuff (the pomegranate aloe vera is my favourite) and I found some "octopus flavoured" chips for 99 cents. I tried them thinking of India :) let's see what new and unusual stuff I can find today!

Have a wonderful birthday dad!


Sister Parsons

p.s I highly recommend everyone making a "I’m a Mormon profile" and sharing it around. Plus check out mine, I made one :) just type my name into the search bar on

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