Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"The Things I Miss - BUT, I have the Gospel"

 I Love this ward - they are amazing!
 Temple Recommend Holder (a farewell gift to each of the missionaries in the APM)
 from President & Sister Smibert on their departure from the Australia Perth Mission
July 2012
 Sister Liu, Sister Parsons & Sister Kaeja Grader (mini missionary)
Sister Melody Chapman (mini missionary)
(Monday July 9 2012)
I’m sorry I wasn't trying to have a complain, and I wasn't saying you and dad didn't know what it was like.

I sent India her birthday card on Thursday or Friday last week, so it should get to her soon.

I’m glad you all enjoyed roller derby. I laughed out loud when I read the part about Sonya and co laughing at the tipsy man. I hope he was all right.

I miss roller derby a lot! It’s funny how going to it for just a few months and you can miss it. Must have been good, wholesome entertainment. I miss the atmosphere and even dressing up for it.

Emily and Hamish are expecting another baby? I don't know if it's because I’m on a mission, but (and I’m not really concerned with this) but I feel really out of the loop when it comes to babies in the family! So I will have a fourth 2nd cousin born while I am on my mission.

I really think I need to help you with your "internet business" side of things when I come back. Perhaps I can do that as my position in your business ha-ha. I can be the site updater etc and I just have to make sure it's to your approval.

So this past week has been exciting. I’ve been sick since the Wednesday before when I developed a cough. Sister Mohring, got hit by a car on Wednesday, but she was unhurt except for a few bruises. I almost got hit by a car on Thursday (NOBODY USES THEIR INDICATORS IN WA), I almost got reversed over by a car just now, before getting to the library to email. 

On Thursday we had another zone conference, this time with President and Sister Lindsay, and Sister Mohring and I sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" accapella to the tune of "Come Thou Fount". On Saturday morning we drove to Thornlie chapel and picked up 2 "mini missionaries" and on Saturday night I sang with Elder Askeroth "Search Diligently, Pray Always" by Sally De Ford and it sounded amazing! I was so proud of Elder Askeroth. He had been nervous the whole time, unconfident in his abilities. After singing both with Sister Mohring and Elder Askeroth, President Lindsay complimented me that I sound "angelic". I liked Mihi's compliment too that I sound like Tinkerbell :D then soon afterwards, my cough became extremely bad and I had trouble breathing.

Elders Gurney and Askeroth gave me an "emergency blessing" and even though my breathing didn't improve for a while, it was very comforting and assuring that they were able to act quickly and administer to me. Afterwards bishop drove us all across Ballajura, and then Ellenbrook to find a chemist that was open to get some medicine. I ended getting Bisolvon and an asthma puffer. How embarrassing! I now have an asthma puffer ha-ha. My breathing is still a little hard but I think it's because my nose and chest is stuffy. 

Sunday was our ward conference, and the ward put on an amazing spread of food afterwards. I took photos.

So we got mini missionaries which is like the mini MTC weekend experience we have for youth once a year in Sydney except here, we have 2 young adults for Sister Liu and I, Sister Chapman and Sister Grader. They are both using this experience to see if they will go on a mission. They have already decided after 2 days they are. They love it. It has helped lift Sister Liu's and my spirits. What makes it so exciting is that they are not billeted out to members' houses, but they actually live with us! So Sister Liu and I are on "splits" until Wednesday when we drop them off at Rockingham chapel. We have to go by public transport there and back. That’s most likely going to take the whole day. And I’m a little concerned because the evening program starts at 5.30pm and doesn't finish till who knows when, and then Sister Liu and I have to public transport it back to Ellenbrook. Rockingham is down south and is about an hour and a half by car. And WA transport is pretty bad. So we shall see what adventure we end up going on...

Well, I can't think of much else to type, but we're off soon to buy groceries and then Sister Chapman and Sister Grader are taking us to lunch and then we're off to Whiteman Park.

Thank you for all your love and support,
Sister Parsons

p.s I met and taught a messianic Jew the other day. COOLEST RELIGION EVER. (after ours of course).

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