Monday, July 2, 2012

"The Perils of Bicycle Riding"

(Monday May 14 2012)
So this week has been an interesting one. Last Sunday Toots came to church for the first time then the AP’s told us she could be ready for baptism by this Saturday (12th may). So she was committed on Monday night by Elder Mata and Elder Webley then we met with her Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to teach her ALL the lessons then Friday she had her interview.

On Tuesday on the way to Toots' appointment, Sister Liu's bike chain fell off and we were running late so we ran with our bikes to the appointment. Then Wednesday not 500m from our house, Sister Liu falls off her bike and gets a small gash on her shinbone. It was deep at one end, you could see the bone! Then Thursday, after coming from Toots' appointment, Sister Liu fell off her bike again and hurt her foot badly. That night I was baking whoopie pies for zone meeting the next day and I got smoke in my eyes, which didn't help my headache. Friday Sister Liu's foot was worse and after talking to you all on the phone, I went to the bathroom and coming out, I hit my forehead on the corner of their dryer, which hangs on the wall. Sister Liu's foot was so bad on Saturday that we didn't go out and work at all. I told Sister Liu that Satan will go after the investigator's preparing for baptism, but he'll go after the missionary’s as well. Sister Liu said "Satan is going after me, because he knows I’m the week link on my bike!"

Yesterday we finally got to visit Graham again and we re-committed him to baptism. He acknowledged he had been slack over the last few weeks with his scripture reading and praying, but he had ordered his divorce papers which is great! His partner, Esther left to New Zealand yesterday afternoon with her sister, Simone (both less actives), because their dad is sick with cancer and it has gotten worse.

I’m feeling a lot less overwhelmed lately which is great, but it's frustrating because this last week, so many things have disrupted us from doing the work! This week we're hoping things will settle down so we can find some more people to teach!

I received a small package from Auntie Sonya on Friday too. It had mini make up from Avon in it. Should come in handy!

I’ve decided to go buy a dictionary so I can better refine my language and help explain words to my Chinese companion. So many times I’ve had to tell her, I don't know what words mean.

I can't think of much else to write, but could you ask Camilla and Sonya if they would burn me a cd with some songs for me to listen to on it? As long as it's not "Hawk Nelson Loud" or too irreverent and they are church or fireside type songs, it's all good :)
love Sister Parsons

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