Monday, July 2, 2012

"ET (Parsons) Phone Home - for Mothers Day!"

(Monday May 7 2012)
We just got told today we are NOT allowed to skype for mother's day. I didn't need to hear more disappointing news right now. We finish church at 12 so I’ll aim for 1/1.30pm. I’m sure Maddy and Chris will let us use their phone. We have to buy a phone card or something? I have no idea where to get one or anything but I’ll have to try and figure it out.

I hope you get to meet the Trinders and Sister Dale but if you don't, don't worry about it.

I met the elder from Highlands Utah. His name is Elder Cook. I met him only briefly and mentioned I knew the Stokers. He seems to be a very nice, quiet elder.

I think of aliyah.  I am slowly writing a letter to her that hopefully will be worth it. I hope I get to talk to her on Sunday too. I hope she'll still be my friend even though I’m not a very good friend at the moment.
Sister Liu has been very courageous this week and full of enthusiasm and smiles. We both experienced city contacting for the first time on Thursday and both loved it. Elder Narwhold also did contacting with his trainee.
Sister Liu has been doing well, learning how to ride her bike, drive a car on the left side of the road and learn English and everything else a missionary has to do. She has also been very kind to me as I learn to be more patient and speak in kinder tones.
We have already seen the blessings of Sister Liu being here in our mission. On Saturday we met with a Chinese couple and Sister Liu was able to connect with them, bear her testimony to them and do the majority of the lesson in Chinese.
On Monday I got told I was training. I felt so overwhelmed with all these things at once so I asked Elder Mata and Elder Ramirez for a blessing on Wednesday morning. I was hoping to find some comfort and guidance concerning everything, with training being in the back of my mind, but the whole blessing was centered on my training assignment. I take this to be that if I focus on my responsibilities as a trainer, and forget myself then everything else will fall in to place.
I saw Gemma last night at a regional YSA fireside. Yes, I went to a YSA fireside. I’m being rebellious MWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not really. It was missionary themed and so some missionaries went to take part in the program and I got asked to sing with some of the other sisters (including Sister Jeffrey) we sang "Help Me Teach with Inspiration" from the hymn book.
Time’s up sorry! Talk to you on Sunday!
Sister Parsons

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