Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Who Did You Follow?"

(Monday July 16 2012)
Thank you for the photos of India's party. I'm glad she got my letter. Today I am mailing a letter to Gabi. I only wrote India’s letter first because it was her birthday.

That's sad to hear about Buddy. I didn't think I'd see him after my mission. But I was excited to see what his reaction to me would be after not having seen me after a year and a half.


We all know how this works:

1. We have to buy another puppy eventually to keep Garaa company.
2. To make me feel included, and like I’m still at home, I get to name the dog.
3. And I just have plain awesome names for family pets.

… AND HIS NAME SHALL BE: “RUDY”.  Even if he, is a she :]

I started reading "Jesus, The Christ" by James E. Talmage. I’m only up to page 35 (it's frustrating not having all the time in the world to read a book like I used to!) but even in those few pages, I already am gaining a greater understanding. I understand now that in our premortal life, in the war in heaven, there were 3 types of children:
1. Those who chose to follow Satan.
2. Those who chose to follow Jesus.
3. Those who sat on the fence therefore keeping their first estate.

In the past, I’ve always thought that everyone who came to earth wanted to, and were excited at the news. But, apparently not. There were those who, for whatever reason, weren't overly thrilled, but didn't want to get kicked out of heaven so went with the plan to come to earth.

So instead of trying to make people see that they wanted this, I’m seeing that I need to help them see that they do want this.
I love Jeffrey R. Holland! I found a USB stick full of BYU talks in the car a few weeks ago, when I was cleaning it, and nobody claimed it, so it's mine :D

Jeffrey R. Holland does an awesome talk called "Remember Lot's Wife." it amazes me that he can make a 45 minute talk out of 3 words.  No I haven't gotten any packages yet. The only thing I’ve gotten in the last 2 weeks was 2 letters from dad; one had some of my memory cards in it.

We’re off to finally have a zone p day (better late than never). It’s the last week of transfers and they cancelled our district p day, and the zone p day twice already. So we were excited/skeptical about today. You always have back ups for everything as a missionary and p day activities are no exception! We were going to the beach (just the sand of course) to have a barbeque, and play volleyball, but it has started to rain and the sky is completely grey.  wooohooo.

Love Sister Parsons

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