Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Cyclone? WHAT CYCLONE?"

Elder Kennach, Elder Gurney, Elder Wright and Elder Manu'a. 
(I love these elders) 

(Last district photo of the transfer - rugby team photo, elder's poses ftw)

Sisters Kapil, Liu, Uhi, Parsons
Elders Kennach, Gurney, Wright, Manu'a
(Monday June 11 2012)

I just got your email mum while in the middle of typing this, so this is my email: that I started:

So.... I don't have any emails to reply to. It’s ok, I know you went away for the weekend. Either that or something disastrous happened to mum, as I know not a lot would keep her away from my emails ha-ha.

Thanks dad for all your letters, I know I don't reply but I am very thankful you send them all and I do read them all. When I get home we'll go through them all and I’ll give you a verbal letter in reply :) I’m keeping every letter I receive from anyone, and at last count a few weeks ago I have over 50 letters including weekly newsletters sent from Karen. Let her know I enjoy reading them and I’ll write a letter soon? Most of the letters sent are from you, dad and then from mum :)

We just got transfer calls. Sister Liu and I are staying as we are still training; Elder Gurney finished his training last week, AND HE'S TRAINING! I’m so happy for him. He is an amazing missionary and I know he will do awesome. Elder Wright, his companion, is going home tomorrow. Elder Abel, one of the AP’s has one transfer of his mission left, and he has been released as AP and Elder Webley has been called as our new AP. Elder Webley was our zone leader. So Elder Mata is still our ZL and Elder Ballard will be our new ZL. Sister Uhi in Midland (in our district) is staying, as her companion, Sister Kapil is going home tomorrow. Sister Kapil is sister Uhi's mum, so Sister Uhi is killing her mum ha-ha. And Elder Gurney is killing his dad. Our new district leader will be Elder Lammi, I believe he is Jennene Lammi's son. I "know of him" but don't actually know him. His companion will be Elder Uch. Elder Uch is the shortest, and lightest elder in the mission.

Well, the last few days have been raining a lot but it has been massively windy! Right now, it is gale force. We are inside the library, which is a large building, and we can clearly hear the heavy rain and wind, (Sister Liu and I almost got blown off our feet walking inside). A few days ago there was what some called a "cyclone" in a few suburbs away from us that destroyed houses and took down massive trees. We didn't even know it happened.

Lucky today is p day and we have a car and we're going to be inside playing sports today. We’ll be stopping to pick up the croquenbusch from Maddie.

Last night we had a cottage evening, which is normally held, in the mission home but because of blackouts across WA it was moved to Dianella chapel. Cottage evenings are a rare thing here; this is only the 3rd one that has happened since I’ve been here. They are really awesome and missionaries can only go if they have an investigator going. I’ve been so lucky that I have been able to have an investigator come to each one so I could go :)

So last night not only Vina came along, but so did Dania,l her husband, who isn't interested in the gospel for himself, and Auntie Chen and Victoria and Chelsea. President Smibert asked me 2 minutes before we started if I would sing a song. I didn't have an idea of which hymn I would sing, but as he announced that we would watch a Mormon message from Jeffrey R. Holland, and then I would sing, I watched as Elder Holland spoke about Joseph and Hyrum Smith, and I decided I would sing "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" to the tune of "Come Thou Fount". It was a beautiful experience for me as I sang accapella in a small room full of people, and surrounded by pictures of the Saviour on the walls. I could feel the spirit strongly on that cold night.

That reminds me, I’m going to buy an eternity scarf. That way it won't get caught while I’m riding my bike.

love Sister Parsons.

p.s Sister Uhi is coming to visit after our mission because she's from Tonga and she has a 2 year visa mwahahaha!

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