Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"My Spirit (Sprite) is Still Cold"

(Tuesday June 5 2012)

Hey nothing much exciting has happened this week.

Sister Liu and I are doing fine. Lately I’ve still been feeling like I haven't been very successful and Sister Liu said she has been feeling the same so we have been making an extra effort (on top of all the efforts we make already) to feel happier. Yes, we know "being successful" doesn't mean how many people you baptise or teach but to us, it's trying our best each day. And it's hard to feel like you've done your best when you spend a day knocking on doors, with no one home, no one to talk to on the streets and the usual like appointments falling through. It’s especially tough when you only get one set appointment a day sometimes! I guess we're just frustrated because we don't actually "do" a lot because there's no one around to do a lot with!

Yesterday was a public holiday (again) so p day is today. We felt really productive and happier last night even though we didn't teach a lot. We did some service for Bishop Morganti and helped him prepare to lay lawn in his back yard.

Bishop had all seven missionaries from our ward over on Saturday night for MCM (missionary correlation meeting) and for dinner as Berto, our ward mission leader, got a teaching job "up north" and leaves this Friday. All the missionaries in our ward have baptisms coming up so we needed to correlate. So bishop was kind enough to do it with us. While we were there he asked Elder Webley, Mata and Moore (they are in a three way) to come and help him on Monday, then we offered to help, seeing as we are the missionaries in his area! He took our help as well, so yesterday our job was to move a massive pile of grass rolls from his front lawn to the back lawn. I enjoyed helping although it was over pretty quickly. Afterwards he took us to McDonalds and shouted us lunch. Then we found out from the elders that sport was on at 3.30 so we rode our bikes like crazy all over our area then drove to get the Ballajura elders and go to sport. We dropped the Ballajura elders off then quickly went to the Beechboro elders flat and heart attacked their front door. I feel better when I give service to others and I develop a more Christ-like love for them too - even when sometimes it's hard.

My muscles all up my arms and my thighs are killing me today. I had good practice lifting those rolls of grass from when I lifted 12kg boxes of chicken in the deli though. I knew working in a deli for 3 years would help my mission somehow!

After sport we planned to leave at 4.40 as we had a dinner appointment with the Ghergoris and we needed to drop the Ballajura elders home. We went back to sport then found out Elder Moore was coming with the Ballajura elders, as Elder Mata and Webley, the zoneys, had been called by President Smibert for a meeting at the last minute. We didn't get told this until we turned back up at sport. So we had to take Elder Moore back to his apartment to pick up his clothes, then drive to Ballajura in peak hour. So we told the elders we needed to leave earlier but they ignored us and kept playing.  We also needed to go back to Karen's to get changed. So we ended up taking Elder Moore back to his flat to pick up his clothes (which he didn't do, but got changed into them instead) then as we were driving up his street, the zoneys turn up so he goes with them anyway! Grr! That’s ok, they only made US late :) but we do it with a smile :) and tell them politely to catch the bus next time :)

But we had a delicious dinner with the Ghergoris and they had also invited the Trinders and Sister Dale over as well. So we gave a spiritual thought, we just read James 1:5-6 and sang "A Child's Prayer". We are going to be singing "A Child's Prayer" for Vina's baptism, what makes it special though is Sister Liu is singing the second verse - in Chinese! It sounds so awesome with the English and the Chinese together.

That reminds me, I still haven't gotten any of my memory cards back yet and I haven't done my diary for over a week, so I’m going to buy another memory card today. I haven't gotten my packages yet but that's because I haven't been to the office since last Monday so hopefully today the zoneys will bring our mail to us.

Eric is not getting baptised on the 9th of June anymore. He needed to come to church this Sunday just past, as well as he hasn't met with us in 2 weeks. Plus he's ignoring our calls. So we'll have to start at square 1 again.

I just called Karen and figured out why the package got returned to you.

When you next send me something, could you please send me your conversion story? If you send it in letterform that would be better, as I can carry it with me. Plus, I need my pedigree chart. We actually talk about family history a bit.

That's nice you are going to be scrap booking - did you know Maddie is a big scrap booker? She is currently starting up her own business called "Daisy Bugs" which she can run from home and sell everything online.

I also realised, Maddie and Chris and Sister Dale are planning on moving up the coast of Sydney in about 1 years time. So that means they can be at the airport when I come home 8D

I’m being a rebel and wearing my orange fruit earrings. It’s p day, why not?

I bought a new pair of shoes the other day as my favourite black pair are dying :( plus I saw in the Big W catalogue, they have $5 shoes so I might go check them out. I bought a new back pack a few weeks ago so that cost me a little bit more money than normal, I feel like I’m in school again, your back pack breaks after only a term!

Well, I’ll be off soon to go grocery shopping and to see what other cheap stuff I can find. Then we're off to pick up Elder Wright and Elder Gurney (Ballajura elders) to go to Greenmount chapel for a zone activity. We heard rumour of capture the flag. THIS MEANS WAR!

Sister Liu - English for the day: after drinking her McDonalds soft drink she left in the car for a few hours: "My spirit (Sprite) is still cold!" AHAHAHAAAAAAAA

She also calls Elder Gurney “Elder Corny”. As to her, it sounds the same.

Elder Wright's last p day is next Monday, so I asked Maddie, and she said yes, that she would be making a croquenbouche for him as a surprise. Elder Wright and Elder Gurney are an awesome companionship and I'm going to miss them when they leave. Elder Wright was our district leader and Elder Gurney will finish his training next week. So most likely, Elder Gurney will leave as well, as they will bring in a district leader, and they have new missionaries every transfer and usually they put at least one new missionary and their trainer in each district. I’ll miss them, but thank goodness for fb.

Love Sister Parsons

p.s I got Karen started on Miranda and she loves it. She watches it all the time now. And Sister Liu is converted already and she hasn't even seen it, but I keep "re-enacting it" ha-ha.

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