Tuesday, March 27, 2012

" ... yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the Lord, and my God shall be my strength." (1 Nephi 21:4-5)

(Monday March 26 2012)

Dear Everybody

This past week I have had a blocked nose and a little bit of a sore throat, which can be attributed to drinking 6 litres of milk in 2 weeks. I have now found my limit! It wasn't intentional and it wasn't until Sister Mohring pointed it out that I realised how much I had drunk. We drink a lot of water which doesn't always taste that great and I wanted to drink something different.

We have been riding our bikes a lot this last week and I don't mind it. Ellenbrook isn't too busy traffic wise and there are lots of pathways for us to use. I think the gears on my bike aren't working properly though. Instead of 21 gears, I’ve only got 7 and it makes it painful for my right knee pedaling in the same gear up hills.

Yes, I know dad, have a go at me, I know, but just to make your day right now I got a phone call from the assistants saying that I wouldn't be able to get my license on my mission.


Thank you for the motab cd too. We love listening to it.

Oh and when you send me something next, could I please have my black sport shorts that has "umbro" written in white on it and it's kind of peeling off, and my "i blacktown" shirt please? I need another pj shirt.

I bought a skirt last week from cotton on, it wasn't suitable so I’m going to be returning it today so hopefully I’ll be able to get $25 back in my account. I also had a haircut last Monday and the lady was really nice and only charged me $15 for it instead of $31 like she said over the phone

Let Kate know I’m in process of writing a letter to her so it should be done by next Monday and I’ll send it. I am about to mail some letters to people then I will start writing some more.

The last few pdays when we have been playing volleyball, President Smibert has joined in! It has been a lot of fun. I love President and Sister Smibert. They are always smiling and nice to me

Thank you for the coat. How much was it? If it was expensive, PUT IT BACK. I can live without it. I like it and I’ll have it otherwise. Only question, you say it will fit me, but it looked like it fitted India very well. Does that mean India is getting bigger or do you have a lot of confidence in my losing weight abilities? I actually haven't been too bad with my weight. We eat enough and sometimes I think I eat too much but my weight has stayed pretty much the same.

I hope dad likes being involved with the efy and that but I hope he doesn't do it if it becomes too much stress. For your own health, don't be afraid to say no!

This week has been hard as always to reach our goals but on Sunday I felt my happiest. We rode our bikes all-day and opened our mouths to everyone we saw. We were able to make a few appointments but in the end only had 1 lesson for the whole day. Upon retiring that night I was not sad. In fact, Sister Mohring and I were quite happy knowing we had yet again tried our best. Our new focus lately has been trying to be more considerate of each other and in so doing unify and strengthen our companionship further and also to ask ourselves constantly: "Am I leaving this area better than when I came to it?". As we ask ourselves this question we are able to remind our selves to do our best as well as it provides a way for us to recognise the small miracles we are seeing each day that is helping Ellenbrook progress.

Thank you for sending me things. Don’t open until Easter.... hm, we shall see! I joke; I’ll keep it until Easter. We haven't been buying chocolate for the past few weeks on purpose as we know we'll get some for Easter.

The photos you sent through came up fine. I can't print them off but I like looking at them when I email each week.

We had transfers last Wednesday and I and Sister Mohring are still in Ellenbrook. I’m only halfway through my 12 week training so we won't change for another transfer. Elder Moore got transferred to Greenmount which is not my ward but in our district. Elder Fowdy got transferred down south about 3 hours away. And Elder Taumalolo got transferred to Albany. Or maybe it was Armidale? It’s his last transfer anyway and then he'll be back home in Sydney. We now have Elder Mata (New Zealand) as our new zone leader with Elder Ramirez, and Elder Wright (New Zealand) is our new district leader and he is training Elder Gurney (Utah) who is fresh out of the mtc. I’m still really blessed to be surrounded with wonderful missionaries who I interact with daily. All the elders in my ward are so nice and I really feel the love.

During personal study this week I came across;

1 Nephi 21:4-5
 "Then I said, I have labored in vain, I have spent my strength for naught and in vain; surely my judgment is with the Lord, and my work with my God.
And now, saith the Lord that formed me from the womb that I should be his servant, to bring Jacob again to him though Israel be not gathered, yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the Lord, and my God shall be my strength."

I love this scripture! I have started reading it daily as I can relate it to myself as a missionary. So many times I fall into the trap of despair thinking my efforts are for nothing and sometimes thinking about what others around me are thinking of me. The Lord has called me to be his servant and to help gather his lost sheep. And even if I gather only one or even none, the Lord is pleased with what I do. And I can achieve what he wants because he is my strength.

Love Sister Parsons

Friday, March 23, 2012

"More Photos."

(Wednesday March 19 2012)

Sister Mohring and Sister Parsons with President and Sister Smibert
Perth Temple - 14 March 2012

"My Intake"
our first night in Perth - 8 March 2012

"Sailor's Delight"
lots of fantastic clouds at night

Sister Mohring and Sister Parsons - after attending Perth Temple
14 March 2012

Here are the rest of the photos I wanted to send you but they didn't all fit on one email.

"Great Friends."

(Monday 19 March 2012)

Hamilton, New Zealand Temple

Elder Moore: Hello Kate! He was her district leader in the mtc and he said to say hello. He said she was the best, and was really funny as no one else in their district was funny apparently.

District Meeting Friday 16th March 2012: last district meeting before transfers today.
L - R: Elders Onetaka & Fowdy, Sisters Wolgramm, Fakatou, Mohring, Me, Myers and Elder Takuira down the front. Elder Moore is also there but he was too slow to get in the photo.

Barrabas: this is the "investigator" who lives out the back of our house.
We’re hoping to have a "baptism by water" soon

"Adventure before Dementia" - for Dad
saw it and thought of all our Dad Jokes

Tell India to stop being a bum. ARISE AND SHINE FORTH. I know she won't care when I say this, but especially now that I’ve been out on my mission, I see so many righteous women and men, who live the same standards and way that I do that I know that I don't need to change or impress.

On that note, I asked Elder Moore and Elder Fowdy for a blessing after District meeting on Friday. I needed a blessing of comfort and counsel. and it only strengthened my testimony that God is there and in the power of the priesthood. I didn't tell them what I needed the blessing for but the things that came out of Elder Fowdy's mouth could only have been from God

And I remember what Mee-Jin said to me before I left on my mission, pray for your mission and for the work you do but don't forget to pray for blessings for yourself. When I got the blessing on Friday, Elder Fowdy specifically said that Heavenly Father would bless me with the Spirit when I teach and that I would take it with me for after my mission when I had my own family. The "never being married" fear wasn't an issue that I needed a blessing for on Friday but it showed me that Heavenly Father was still remembering me.

Our area is a lot of hard work. We set goals to achieve each week and some times we fall short. Sometimes I feel bad because our results don't reflect our hard work but most of the time I am content, knowing that we do our best. And on Wednesday it became apparent that the Lord blesses us for our hard work and diligence, often in ways we don't see.

On Wednesday we got to go to the temple (we only get to go every 2 months) and afterwards we drove to a member's house for an investigator lesson with a close family friend of hers. As soon as we walked in the door, Emma-Lee asked how many lessons she had to take, because she wanted to be baptised now! My jaw hit the floor. We had never taught her before and she had only been to church once, the Sunday before.

We didn't have to do any of the work - the Lord had prepared her. So Emma-Lee and her son Teahurei (tee-ah-hooray or we call him Tee) will be baptised on the 31st of March and be confirmed on the 1st of April. We are so happy and excited. It will be a bit of work though as she lives in Joondalup, another area so we have to correlate with the missionaries in the other zone to organise stuff. Phew!

We also had a lot of investigators dropping us this week which really made us sad and Sister Mohring in particular got down about it. So it just shows, that even though we didn't put in the work for Emma-lee and T, the Lord was blessing us.

I've attached some photos for you all. My card is still not full so I don't need to send it home yet.

Yes I got all my packages now thanks. I dyed my hair dark again. Don’t worry about wonka lollies for Elder Bennion, we got transfer calls today so I don't even know if he's in my zone anymore.

Now I have a mind blank.

I am in the process of writing letters to people, although some may come in the next few weeks. So let Sonya, Tiffany, Kate, Dan, Erin, Aliyah and Sina Papaliitele thank you for the letters and replies are coming in the next half a year :)

I gotta go now, we've got sport early this afternoon as it is Elder Semu's last pday before he returns home tomorrow. He was an awesome AP.

Love sister parsons.

p.s. when you send something over with Brother Delaney next, do you mind sending my dc shoes? The flat slip on grey ones, with blue trimming, and two silver straps that go over the top of the foot? They are easier for sport. Thank you!

"Highs and Lows."

(Monday March 12 2012)

I’m sorry I don't write very good emails, or letters, I’m just so exhausted and there is so little time! Let Erin and Aliyah, Kate and Sonya I will be trying to write to them soon.

Last week we worked Monday as the public holiday and throughout the week we got a lot closer to our weekly goals than normal. We gained 8 new investigators and did a lot of lessons. Unfortunately, there was a family of teenage and young adult sisters who we had been told to work with because they were really interested and asked lots of questions. We haven't been able to meet with them the whole time we've been here and finally the (less active) mom answered the door and told us to not come back. We were really disappointed because we knew how some of the girls had the potential to want to learn more. We’re giving them a break for a little while so we don't invade their personal space but we'd like to talk to the girls themselves so we can here it from them. They were nice to us on the few minutes we had seen them a few weeks ago.

Please tell Erin thank you for the letter and the money. She gave me $5 for water :) and tell her, while she's getting ready for her mission, buy a set of "mission scriptures" separate to the normal ones she has now and take them. 2 things though: one, some missionaries have their scriptures stolen when they're not careful. Hasn’t happened while I’ve been here but I’ve been told it happens sometimes. And 2, get the small compact set. Easier and lighter to carry around. I’m ok with my normal size ones because I have a backpack

Yes I bought my volleyball. It cost me $19 from k mart. And I bought 2 skirts from the salvos, which cost me $14 all up I think. I bought another stretchy black skirt today from cotton on which cost me $25 but I can't find any other skirts around which are not too long but also don't "flow" so when I ride they blow up. I also just bought a hair dye and a plain white shirt to go under clothes for $7 from big w.

Thank you very much for the eyeliner. I’ve started wearing it and I like it a lot.

Tell the papas I don't want their money. As long as they take care of my ward and family until I come home :)

Tell India I say in the big w magazine, "Tony Hawk: Shred" game on wii including skateboard console for $48. On sale until the 21 of March. I already own a Tony Hawk game on wii but it's the first one and she should practice playing it so I can get home and she can show me how. Tell her to play with Kate, Kate loves Tony Hawk. Actually, tell Kate about the game special too. it comes on a lot of different consoles. Oh and we still have Kate’s Dr Who wii game so tell her to come over and play it with India. India would like someone to play games with. And the reason we have it is because Kate bought it because it's Dr Who but she doesn't have a wii. Ha ha.

There is a Maori lady in our ward called Sister Young and we are working with her with her friend who is investigating the church. She showed us a picture of a quilt one of her Maori relatives did. Her name is Ku Bailey and she does really intricate cultural quilts. i thought you might be interested. Her website is: kubailey.com.nz apparently there was a documentary done on her quilting too.

Tell dad and Aliyah too, another investigator told me there was a documentary on sbs a few weeks ago. it was a WWII 6 part series called "Apocalypse" and was very good because it had colour footage from WWII and showed it from a lot of different countries points of view. I’m adding it to my "to watch when I get home" list.

Oh and I saw another book that aliyah might like. I saw its cover in the library book displays. It’s called "Sing and Don't cry: a Mexican Journal" no idea who it's by or what it's about but the cover and title reminded me of Aliyah.

Phew! I’m tired. I’m off to Dianella now to organise some missionary stuff and to see if I have permission to drive a mission car for my driver's test. If yes, then off I go to book a test time.

Oh and can you ask Kate/Erin/Sonya if they've caught up with Robert Arnold yet?

Can I please have some pics of you guys when you next send me a letter? preferably recent ones. They don't have to be professional or posed. Just to see how you guys are going. India said she has school photos soon; i look forward to getting one :)

I love you,


"Sister Missionaries Need Dinner Appointments Too."

(Tuesday March 6 2012)

Sister Mohring, Mumbere and Sister Parsons

Sorry I’m not writing much, I ran out of time after reading 10 emails and doing that fireside thing for the YSA. Nothing exciting has happened although we moved Mumbere's baptism from Sunday 4th march to Saturday 3rd March, which only gave us a few days to organise it. Elder and Sister Hamula's visit was amazing and the spirit was electric as Elder Hamula spoke.

Can you please send some of my typo books over? I’m running out. I don't know if they have a typo store in Perth:(

Next time you send me stuff, could you slip me a copy of dad's motab male choir cd? It’s the cd with the tuxedo on the front cover. We got told the other day President Smibert says motab is only good. Not even EFY :( it differs on mission presidents I think so I’ll just not listen to the other stuff until the other mission president says anything different.

Yesterday was Labour Day here so it was a public holiday full of work. We were quite productive. Today is p day so I haven't seen any packages or letters at all last week so I’ll respond to letter contents next time.

We ran out of food last week and so last night we were really glad we had a dinner appointment with a part member family. We were excited as we planned on extending the baptismal commitment to Hemi, the husband. Then they cancelled on us at 6pm when we were supposed to go to them for dinner. ARGH! Do people not understand how mean it is to cancel dinner on missionaries? So we got a small pizza from Dominos as it was the cheapest thing to buy. So we are excited to go shopping for food now.

I got to go now. Sorry I’ll try and type more next time.


(following is my contribution to that fireside)

“Finding Strength Beyond Your Own”

Doonside Ward YSA Fireside

"On 19th January 2012, I left my family and friends full of enthusiasm and love, excited that I had been called to serve in the Australia Perth Mission. I spent 3 weeks in the Missionary Training Centre in Auckland New Zealand and that is where I first discovered the power that comes through obedience. I thought I would struggle with the early mornings and late nights, but my struggle came in a different way. I often found myself struggling to understand why I wasn't progessing as fast or as far as other missionaries around me and I often came to the Lord in sincere prayer, wondering what I was doing wrong, and why I couldn't do everything as well as others around me.

One Sunday I read an article by Elder Carl B. Cook in the Ensign magazine entitled "Look Up". In it he tells of the struggles he faced learning German in the Missionary Training Centre and how he compared himself to others constantly to see how well he was doing. After praying the answer came from God saying “I never called you to master the German language. I just called you to serve with all of your heart, mind, and strength.”

As I read those words I was filled with a sense of relief. I too had been looking sideways and not looking up - to see what my Father in Heaven wanted. If I only continued to do my best in being obedient to what Heavenly Father wanted me to do, I would be blessed. And I have seen it happen.

In Doctrine & Covenants 130: 20-21 it says:

There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—

And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.

This scripture testifies to me that through obedience, we will be blessed. God is bound by laws just as we are and he promises us blessings if we are obedient. The commandments and instructions we receive are not to hinder us or make our lives hard, but are guide posts given to us to improve ourselves and our lives."