Friday, March 23, 2012

"Great Friends."

(Monday 19 March 2012)

Hamilton, New Zealand Temple

Elder Moore: Hello Kate! He was her district leader in the mtc and he said to say hello. He said she was the best, and was really funny as no one else in their district was funny apparently.

District Meeting Friday 16th March 2012: last district meeting before transfers today.
L - R: Elders Onetaka & Fowdy, Sisters Wolgramm, Fakatou, Mohring, Me, Myers and Elder Takuira down the front. Elder Moore is also there but he was too slow to get in the photo.

Barrabas: this is the "investigator" who lives out the back of our house.
We’re hoping to have a "baptism by water" soon

"Adventure before Dementia" - for Dad
saw it and thought of all our Dad Jokes

Tell India to stop being a bum. ARISE AND SHINE FORTH. I know she won't care when I say this, but especially now that I’ve been out on my mission, I see so many righteous women and men, who live the same standards and way that I do that I know that I don't need to change or impress.

On that note, I asked Elder Moore and Elder Fowdy for a blessing after District meeting on Friday. I needed a blessing of comfort and counsel. and it only strengthened my testimony that God is there and in the power of the priesthood. I didn't tell them what I needed the blessing for but the things that came out of Elder Fowdy's mouth could only have been from God

And I remember what Mee-Jin said to me before I left on my mission, pray for your mission and for the work you do but don't forget to pray for blessings for yourself. When I got the blessing on Friday, Elder Fowdy specifically said that Heavenly Father would bless me with the Spirit when I teach and that I would take it with me for after my mission when I had my own family. The "never being married" fear wasn't an issue that I needed a blessing for on Friday but it showed me that Heavenly Father was still remembering me.

Our area is a lot of hard work. We set goals to achieve each week and some times we fall short. Sometimes I feel bad because our results don't reflect our hard work but most of the time I am content, knowing that we do our best. And on Wednesday it became apparent that the Lord blesses us for our hard work and diligence, often in ways we don't see.

On Wednesday we got to go to the temple (we only get to go every 2 months) and afterwards we drove to a member's house for an investigator lesson with a close family friend of hers. As soon as we walked in the door, Emma-Lee asked how many lessons she had to take, because she wanted to be baptised now! My jaw hit the floor. We had never taught her before and she had only been to church once, the Sunday before.

We didn't have to do any of the work - the Lord had prepared her. So Emma-Lee and her son Teahurei (tee-ah-hooray or we call him Tee) will be baptised on the 31st of March and be confirmed on the 1st of April. We are so happy and excited. It will be a bit of work though as she lives in Joondalup, another area so we have to correlate with the missionaries in the other zone to organise stuff. Phew!

We also had a lot of investigators dropping us this week which really made us sad and Sister Mohring in particular got down about it. So it just shows, that even though we didn't put in the work for Emma-lee and T, the Lord was blessing us.

I've attached some photos for you all. My card is still not full so I don't need to send it home yet.

Yes I got all my packages now thanks. I dyed my hair dark again. Don’t worry about wonka lollies for Elder Bennion, we got transfer calls today so I don't even know if he's in my zone anymore.

Now I have a mind blank.

I am in the process of writing letters to people, although some may come in the next few weeks. So let Sonya, Tiffany, Kate, Dan, Erin, Aliyah and Sina Papaliitele thank you for the letters and replies are coming in the next half a year :)

I gotta go now, we've got sport early this afternoon as it is Elder Semu's last pday before he returns home tomorrow. He was an awesome AP.

Love sister parsons.

p.s. when you send something over with Brother Delaney next, do you mind sending my dc shoes? The flat slip on grey ones, with blue trimming, and two silver straps that go over the top of the foot? They are easier for sport. Thank you!

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