Tuesday, March 27, 2012

" ... yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the Lord, and my God shall be my strength." (1 Nephi 21:4-5)

(Monday March 26 2012)

Dear Everybody

This past week I have had a blocked nose and a little bit of a sore throat, which can be attributed to drinking 6 litres of milk in 2 weeks. I have now found my limit! It wasn't intentional and it wasn't until Sister Mohring pointed it out that I realised how much I had drunk. We drink a lot of water which doesn't always taste that great and I wanted to drink something different.

We have been riding our bikes a lot this last week and I don't mind it. Ellenbrook isn't too busy traffic wise and there are lots of pathways for us to use. I think the gears on my bike aren't working properly though. Instead of 21 gears, I’ve only got 7 and it makes it painful for my right knee pedaling in the same gear up hills.

Yes, I know dad, have a go at me, I know, but just to make your day right now I got a phone call from the assistants saying that I wouldn't be able to get my license on my mission.


Thank you for the motab cd too. We love listening to it.

Oh and when you send me something next, could I please have my black sport shorts that has "umbro" written in white on it and it's kind of peeling off, and my "i blacktown" shirt please? I need another pj shirt.

I bought a skirt last week from cotton on, it wasn't suitable so I’m going to be returning it today so hopefully I’ll be able to get $25 back in my account. I also had a haircut last Monday and the lady was really nice and only charged me $15 for it instead of $31 like she said over the phone

Let Kate know I’m in process of writing a letter to her so it should be done by next Monday and I’ll send it. I am about to mail some letters to people then I will start writing some more.

The last few pdays when we have been playing volleyball, President Smibert has joined in! It has been a lot of fun. I love President and Sister Smibert. They are always smiling and nice to me

Thank you for the coat. How much was it? If it was expensive, PUT IT BACK. I can live without it. I like it and I’ll have it otherwise. Only question, you say it will fit me, but it looked like it fitted India very well. Does that mean India is getting bigger or do you have a lot of confidence in my losing weight abilities? I actually haven't been too bad with my weight. We eat enough and sometimes I think I eat too much but my weight has stayed pretty much the same.

I hope dad likes being involved with the efy and that but I hope he doesn't do it if it becomes too much stress. For your own health, don't be afraid to say no!

This week has been hard as always to reach our goals but on Sunday I felt my happiest. We rode our bikes all-day and opened our mouths to everyone we saw. We were able to make a few appointments but in the end only had 1 lesson for the whole day. Upon retiring that night I was not sad. In fact, Sister Mohring and I were quite happy knowing we had yet again tried our best. Our new focus lately has been trying to be more considerate of each other and in so doing unify and strengthen our companionship further and also to ask ourselves constantly: "Am I leaving this area better than when I came to it?". As we ask ourselves this question we are able to remind our selves to do our best as well as it provides a way for us to recognise the small miracles we are seeing each day that is helping Ellenbrook progress.

Thank you for sending me things. Don’t open until Easter.... hm, we shall see! I joke; I’ll keep it until Easter. We haven't been buying chocolate for the past few weeks on purpose as we know we'll get some for Easter.

The photos you sent through came up fine. I can't print them off but I like looking at them when I email each week.

We had transfers last Wednesday and I and Sister Mohring are still in Ellenbrook. I’m only halfway through my 12 week training so we won't change for another transfer. Elder Moore got transferred to Greenmount which is not my ward but in our district. Elder Fowdy got transferred down south about 3 hours away. And Elder Taumalolo got transferred to Albany. Or maybe it was Armidale? It’s his last transfer anyway and then he'll be back home in Sydney. We now have Elder Mata (New Zealand) as our new zone leader with Elder Ramirez, and Elder Wright (New Zealand) is our new district leader and he is training Elder Gurney (Utah) who is fresh out of the mtc. I’m still really blessed to be surrounded with wonderful missionaries who I interact with daily. All the elders in my ward are so nice and I really feel the love.

During personal study this week I came across;

1 Nephi 21:4-5
 "Then I said, I have labored in vain, I have spent my strength for naught and in vain; surely my judgment is with the Lord, and my work with my God.
And now, saith the Lord that formed me from the womb that I should be his servant, to bring Jacob again to him though Israel be not gathered, yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the Lord, and my God shall be my strength."

I love this scripture! I have started reading it daily as I can relate it to myself as a missionary. So many times I fall into the trap of despair thinking my efforts are for nothing and sometimes thinking about what others around me are thinking of me. The Lord has called me to be his servant and to help gather his lost sheep. And even if I gather only one or even none, the Lord is pleased with what I do. And I can achieve what he wants because he is my strength.

Love Sister Parsons

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