Friday, April 13, 2012

"Baptisms and Spunkmeyer Cookies"

(Monday April 2 2012)

I have considered the a2milk but it's expensive. And I like drinking milk. So I’m not sick anymore and I’ve cut down on the milk a lot.

I’ve asked Elder Wright if he could look at my bike but he's not sure about gears and wires. I’m going to look at a few different bike stores and check for pricing. I’ve decided that when I come home, I might sell my bike before coming home, then I don't have to bring it home, plus, I want an awesome old fashioned looking bike.

I got a refund on the skirt, but I forgot my pin for my debit card so the lady was really nice and gave me the refund in cash even though she wasn't supposed to. I forgot my pin for my msf card and my personal debit card so I got my debit pin changed and I have to ask Elder Marsden in the office today for my msf card pin. I didn't actually get a full haircut. I got a trim so I don't have a mullet anymore. And I’ll go back in a few weeks and get an actual style cut in I think.

Sister Morhing and I are indeed doing the best we can with what we've got and what we don't have.

This week we invited an investigator Chris to be baptized and he said yes. Sister Dale, an older lady in our ward has a daughter called Maddy. Maddy has been less active for a while and she married Chris last year. Chris and Maddy have been having the lessons with the missionaries for a few months and they are both wonderful and so open to ask questions and to learn. Chris has a hectic history but he "found God" and is very spiritually sensitive. We get along well with them. So in 3 week ends time, on Saturday the 21st April, he will be baptised and then confirmed on the 22nd. The next weekend they’re going to Sydney for a holiday. I’m going to give them our house number and address so they can come and meet you. Maddy says she would love to come to church in our ward. Oh and you need to take them to Costco and show them your favourite: "Spunkmeyer cookies". Maddy loves to scrapbook by the way.

Can you please keep my emails and any letters I send thanks. I haven't written in my diary since the mtc. I have a hard time sleeping plus we don't get a lot of time each day so I’m going to kind of "scrapbook" my weeks together after my mission with all the letters and emails I send to people.

I got dad's letter on Friday and your package with the Easter mould in it. President Smibert gave us our mail on Friday to all the sisters when we were all at the mission home for "sisters specialized training" and I opened my package from you, then got worried that that was supposed to be my Easter package. But I was sure you would have written, "do not open" on it or something. Plus you told me about the mould anyway. On the way home, Sisters Fakatou and Uhi helped us eat most of the lollies you sent :)

I wrote a massive second half of my email to you here but the computer crashed and I lost it. I am not happy. And I wrote about a less active Karen who we helped. And I was going to put it in president's email. And now it's gone. And I’m over time on the computer and we have to go. I’m trying not to cry. Remind me to tell you about Karen next week. I was also going to send dad an email but I’m out of time now :( but thank you for the whole page full of insults. I don't think I can use them on anyone here. It’s not very Christ like and nobody else has that sense of humour unfortunately.


I love you guys. Tell India I like reading her letter I got in the mtc full of pictures and drawings. I wouldn't mind getting some more pictures ;)

SOLDIER ON! (Even when the computer makes you mad after all your hard work)