Friday, March 23, 2012

"Highs and Lows."

(Monday March 12 2012)

I’m sorry I don't write very good emails, or letters, I’m just so exhausted and there is so little time! Let Erin and Aliyah, Kate and Sonya I will be trying to write to them soon.

Last week we worked Monday as the public holiday and throughout the week we got a lot closer to our weekly goals than normal. We gained 8 new investigators and did a lot of lessons. Unfortunately, there was a family of teenage and young adult sisters who we had been told to work with because they were really interested and asked lots of questions. We haven't been able to meet with them the whole time we've been here and finally the (less active) mom answered the door and told us to not come back. We were really disappointed because we knew how some of the girls had the potential to want to learn more. We’re giving them a break for a little while so we don't invade their personal space but we'd like to talk to the girls themselves so we can here it from them. They were nice to us on the few minutes we had seen them a few weeks ago.

Please tell Erin thank you for the letter and the money. She gave me $5 for water :) and tell her, while she's getting ready for her mission, buy a set of "mission scriptures" separate to the normal ones she has now and take them. 2 things though: one, some missionaries have their scriptures stolen when they're not careful. Hasn’t happened while I’ve been here but I’ve been told it happens sometimes. And 2, get the small compact set. Easier and lighter to carry around. I’m ok with my normal size ones because I have a backpack

Yes I bought my volleyball. It cost me $19 from k mart. And I bought 2 skirts from the salvos, which cost me $14 all up I think. I bought another stretchy black skirt today from cotton on which cost me $25 but I can't find any other skirts around which are not too long but also don't "flow" so when I ride they blow up. I also just bought a hair dye and a plain white shirt to go under clothes for $7 from big w.

Thank you very much for the eyeliner. I’ve started wearing it and I like it a lot.

Tell the papas I don't want their money. As long as they take care of my ward and family until I come home :)

Tell India I say in the big w magazine, "Tony Hawk: Shred" game on wii including skateboard console for $48. On sale until the 21 of March. I already own a Tony Hawk game on wii but it's the first one and she should practice playing it so I can get home and she can show me how. Tell her to play with Kate, Kate loves Tony Hawk. Actually, tell Kate about the game special too. it comes on a lot of different consoles. Oh and we still have Kate’s Dr Who wii game so tell her to come over and play it with India. India would like someone to play games with. And the reason we have it is because Kate bought it because it's Dr Who but she doesn't have a wii. Ha ha.

There is a Maori lady in our ward called Sister Young and we are working with her with her friend who is investigating the church. She showed us a picture of a quilt one of her Maori relatives did. Her name is Ku Bailey and she does really intricate cultural quilts. i thought you might be interested. Her website is: apparently there was a documentary done on her quilting too.

Tell dad and Aliyah too, another investigator told me there was a documentary on sbs a few weeks ago. it was a WWII 6 part series called "Apocalypse" and was very good because it had colour footage from WWII and showed it from a lot of different countries points of view. I’m adding it to my "to watch when I get home" list.

Oh and I saw another book that aliyah might like. I saw its cover in the library book displays. It’s called "Sing and Don't cry: a Mexican Journal" no idea who it's by or what it's about but the cover and title reminded me of Aliyah.

Phew! I’m tired. I’m off to Dianella now to organise some missionary stuff and to see if I have permission to drive a mission car for my driver's test. If yes, then off I go to book a test time.

Oh and can you ask Kate/Erin/Sonya if they've caught up with Robert Arnold yet?

Can I please have some pics of you guys when you next send me a letter? preferably recent ones. They don't have to be professional or posed. Just to see how you guys are going. India said she has school photos soon; i look forward to getting one :)

I love you,


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