Monday, March 18, 2013

Mariam's Baptism

How many Konomanyis can fit on Sister Parsons?  Josh, Satu, Rachel and Rama

Sister Donaldson, Elder Segi, Elder Walters and Sister Parsons
WE HAD A BAPTISM! First one in this area for over 2 years! First one for me in 10 months! Yes! Broke the drought! Mariam is the African girl we have been teaching with her mum Sarah. Sarah was supposed to be baptised on Saturday too but at the last minute she said no. Ahe's still confused about a few things. After her daughter was baptised though, she said "I understand now, I want to be baptised". Yay! So we are going to keep teaching her and baptise her soon.
Sister Donaldson, Mariam and Sister Parsons at Mariam's Baptism 16 March 2013
Had exchanges this past week, went with Sister Simon but stayed in my area. We had a great 2 days filled with ups and downs. Sister Simon and I are very alike and it was great to experience a different companion. We set 2 baptismal dates our first night together with Annie and Hannah the sisters we had previously been teaching but dropped. They contacted us and so we went and visited them and committed them both to baptism for the 23rd March. We also had Elizabeth getting ready for baptism on the 23rd March. All 3 girls had to come to church yesterday or they couldn't be baptised. They needed to show their commitment to attend Church. So what happened?
None of them came to Church. So the 3 baptisms planned for this coming saturday aren't happening. Sarah wasn't baptised on saturday with her daughter Mariam. Argh! So 4 out of 5 baptisms aren't happening in March. But I'm still so glad Mariam was baptised. She is such a special girl. She is so smart - she was teaching us about Joseph Smith having to go to the Hill Cumorah for 4 years to be taught by the angel Moroni before he could get the gold plates! WHAT NON-MEMBER 12 YEAR OLD KNOWS STUFF LIKE THAT? The Konomanyis sang and participated in the program for Mariam's baptism too. I was so proud of them!
We had a youth fireside last night and it was themed "Called to Serve". Elders Mata, Ford, Joseph and Pula along with Sisters Terry, Bailey, Donaldson and myself sang "Sisters in Zion/Army of Helaman" medley and it was amazing! I loved it. I wish I could have recorded it. Especially when the Elders sang in their parts and then when we all came together in parts at the end.
Sister Simon, Rachel, Rama and Sister Parsons 13 March 2013
I'm giving a talk in sacrament next Sunday. yessssss. I love giving talks. I'm giving a talk on the Atonement.
Sisters Exchange!  Sisters Simon, Allalelua, Peivi, Donaldson and Parsons

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