Sunday, March 17, 2013

Madaley Ward, Dianella Stake - December 2012

 Elder Walters, Sister Parsons, Elder Sovral and Sister Fowler in the foreground on the way to crashing the Ellenbrook Ward Christmas party
I am thoroughly enjoying myself in Alexander Heights and with my new companion, Sister Fowler.

We work hard and Sister Fowler is not held back. She helps me become more confident.

In the few days I have been in my new area I have seen miracles in my missionary work. I have always struggled with inspired questions and with talking with everyone but both have been coming with ease! I am amazed at the questions I have been asking! I also realize and have been told that I am quite bold so I have been using that to my advantage.

I am still getting used to my area but am so thankful we have a car - although Sister Fowler doesn't want to use it everyday. So I will still have to deal with biking in the heat. And the hills are back for biking over...

I have met our investigator Annie who we have a baptismal date with but only once, although we set appointments with her everyday. We are confident she will be baptized but maybe not on December 15th as planned. This week will determine what will happen.

This past week Sister Fowler and I contacted over 100 people. More than I have ever done! I am proud that I am improving. On Saturday we contacted 59 people! It has made me realize though that out of all the people contacted, we only got 2 potentials. These Australian people sure do have hard hearts! I think soon enough we will have tried to talk with everyone in our areas.

We cover part of Ballajura, Alexander Heights, Mirabooka and Koondoola.

Our ward is nice but haven't seen or heard from our Ward Mission Leader yet.

Our District is awesome. We had an amazing District Meeting last Friday with Elder Sovral's training and being able to model with Pedro an investigator of Elder Sovral's and Elder Walter's. The Zone Leaders were super hyped as were the rest of us because of the great modelling experience that Sister Fowler and I had with Pedro as we modeled the Book of Mormon using inspired questions. Elder Ford was excited at the choice of questions asked exclaiming: "I'd never thought to say that before!" Pedro said it was so good we didn't need to improve! Sister Fowler and I are going to improve by trying to think of more inspired questions. Pedro offered some excellent advice to us all: "Just be like Jesus was, just be my friend."

It has been intensely hot over here. with clear blue sky and a beating sun. Transfer day was super windy and rainy! the bikes lined up in the car park were blown over!

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