Sunday, March 17, 2013

11 February 2013 - Blueblood

This last week we gained 2 new investigators. One is Fabiola, the partner of Ibby (Winston's friend). We have a family home evening planned with them tomorrow night. The other is an old lady we met in the park. She was sitting on the ground and she told us she was resting because she was tired. She was recieving dialysis because of kidney problems. She then proceeded to lift her shirt and show us on her chest where she was hooked up to the machine. Yup, got flashed again. This time by an old lady.
Sister Parsons and the twins Rachael and Rama

I had my second exchange on my mission on Thursday and Friday. Sister Chou Lee came to Alexander Heights to be with me while Sister Fowler went with Sister Bailey in Maylands. Our proselyting time was limited as Sister Chou Lee had a dental appointment on Thursday and Friday but we still managed. Sister Chou Lee is from Liverpool Stake in Sydney. So we took an I SYDNEY photo for the Church board haha.
Sister Parsons and Sister Chou Lee

Sister Fowler sliced the back of her ankle on the screen door on Tuesday so that was a challenge that we laughed at. Then on Thursday, I cut the back of my ankle on the screen door too! Mine isn't as bad as Sister Fowler's but it was funny.

Just now as I type my email, a young guy named Lee came up to us. We have met him at his house a few times but he has never really wanted to learn so we told him to let us know when he was interested. He saw us in the library and said hi quickly then went looking in the books. 10 minutes later, he comes up to us and wants to know what time Church starts this Sunday! We told him this Sunday is stake conference and he said he wil be there! HUZZAH!

At church a few weeks ago I met a brother who asked if I was related to Charles and Anne Parsons. I said yes and we talked. I mentioned granny Marie and how she would write letters to her friends as they moved with the Church. He said I was a blueblood because of my family in the Church.

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