Sunday, March 17, 2013

25 February 2013

Sister Donaldson with Karen Parish

So this week was good. Got my new companion Sister Donaldson on
Wednesday, then went straight to an appointment with Elizabeth at 2pm
and came out with a baptismal date! Elizabeth agreed to work towards
baptism on the 23rd of March. she came to Church yesterday too!

So now we have a date with Sarah, Miriam and Elizabeth.

Another investigator called Lee came to church too! He's slowly
getting there with learning about the gospel and I'm still trying to
figure out exactly why he listens to us. I've asked him what made him
talk to the missionaries etc and he often gives "I don't know" kind of
answers. But he is progressing slowly.

Brother Voncent was released as our WML on Sunday and Brother Pappas
was called straightaway as our new WML. I'm sad that Brother Vincent
has been released but super excited at the same time as Brother Pappas
is amazing! He is so full of fun., enthusiasm and love that I know
it's going to be great to serve with him.

We had Rachel and Rama Konomanyis' baptisms yesterday afternoon. It
was so beautiful. I love that family so much. On Saturday night we
went to their house to see how everyone was going ready for the next
day and while there, Sister Konomanyi told us about her strong
testimony and her strong love for her children. She told us about the
unbelievably hard trials she endure in Africa with the wars and
continues to experience here in Australia. I cried. That family will
always be in my heart.

We had a cool experience on Saturday/Sunday. Karen Parish was awesome
(as always) and drove us around pretty much the whole day. We were
driving along, Sister Donaldson said hi to an African lady out the
window then told us to stop because she had to talk to her. She
contacted her and got all her details. She doesn't live in our area so
we passed her on as a referral. The Sisters called us Sunday afternoon
to tell us they had just contacted and taught her and she had said yes
to baptism!

Sister Donaldson is very positive and happy and always talks with
everyone. I feel like a new missionary again! We acted pretty much
like we had been doubled in to our area and she has a great passion
for re-activating less-actives so that is what we are focusing on.

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