Sunday, March 17, 2013

5 March 2013

This week has been busy and trying. I got sick and was so sick on Saturday that I had to stay home, only problem was we had 5 appointments that day! So I stayed at our WML's house and his wife Kin and his mum Angie were there all day and Sister Donaldson went out with Sister Allaelua (from Sydney). Sister Allaelua is in a 3 way so it was convenient. I felt really left out but I think it was because  was sick and tired so I got more easily upset.
My district leader is an elder called Elder Segi (Sang-ee). He is from Samoa. We served in Rockingham district together. He is awesome. On Sunday he pulled me aside and checked to see that I was ok and told me he wanted to really try hard to be a good leader and to help me. He said he even talked frequently with President and Sister Lindsay on the phone to get advice.

This coming week we have Sister's specialised training on Friday and Sister Lindsay has asked me to sing a hymn. On march 17th we have a missionary run youth fireside and Sister Donaldson and I are going to be part of a musical item and to help run some workshops.

Sister Parsons and Sister Myers at the Sisters Specialised Training.  Sister Myers was a previous companion of Sister Parsons.

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