Sunday, March 17, 2013

22 October 2012 - Half Way - Rockingham East

In October 2012 Sister Parsons was transferred to Rockingham East and her new companion is Sister Uhi from Tonga.
One day the missionaries went into Perth city to contact people.  There are pianos located through out the city with signs on them which say "Play Me".  So Elder Gardiner played the paino and Sister Parsons sang Church hymns and songs.
This photo shows Sister Parsons singing with Elder Gardiner playing the piano.  You can see people listening and even taking photos as they perform in the centre of Perth.

This was an innovative and creative way to spread the Gospel message to the people of Perth.

October was the nine month mark of Sister Parsons mission, the half way mark.  One evening Sister Parsons and Sister Uhi had a meal with the Ward Mission Leader and his family.  His two year old son, Noah, bit Sister Parsons on the ankle!

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