Thursday, April 25, 2013

15 April 2013

Sister Liu, Latulipe, Donaldson, Terry, Simon, Parsons
Last night we had a cottage evening. I was asked to sing "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" and I sang it to "Come Thou Fount". I sang acapella. I was rather good if I can say that without being prideful. I always sing the best when I sing for the Lord.

Nothing out of the ordinary to report here. Had a random come up to us at the shops the other day while taking a break and he said "You're Mormons aren't you? Most Mormons are good people."

We biked in the rain for a few days. Yay! It makes me feel like a real missionary. Plus we got a few more raindrops on our badges. Funny missionary stories say that the more raindrops a sister gets on her missionary badge, the more handsome her husband will be. QUICK! GET ME SOME RAIN! ahahaha.

Last monday we went to Harbourtown, this small outlet store place. I was preparing to have to control myself when we went to typo but to my surprise i didn't buy a single thing that day! Are you proud of me? :D

Had fun on exchanges with Sister Terry, biked everywhere and my butt got really sore again. I still ride my bike, but not as often as I used to. My knee kept hurting as I went up hills.

Sister Simon and Sister Parsons

Did I ever tell you that I got a new bike? When Sister Uhi went home a few transfers ago I asked her if I could have her bike and she gave it to me for free! It was a huge blessing as my bike from home was dead. it would change gears on me while riding on flat ground and 2 weeks before I got Sister Uhi's bike, I lost 7 gears. The Lord will always provide for his servants!

Conference was awesome. I loved Elder Bednar's talk on chastity. It was so forward and direct. ahaha.

and Elder Holland's talk was great:

I also liked Elder Falabella's talk. I hope to have a relationship and family like this someday soon:

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