Monday, September 3, 2012

"Endure to the End = Enjoy to the End!"

 Sister Parsons, Ella and Jake 
(Monday August 27 2012)
So nothing much has happened this week. We still tract doors all day with very little success. On the up side, the Elders in our ward have 3 baptismal dates set. As Elder Hamular said at his recent visit, when we pray every night to find people to teach, we are praying for our whole mission, not just for our area. So when things don't happen in our area, doesn't mean it's not working.

Elder Hamular came to visit our mission and everyone got to go hear him speak - except for us in Bunbury Zone because we were too far away to bring in for the meeting. I understand someone has to sacrifice sometimes but I would feel a little better if I thought my efforts were showing. Like, "we're too busy to attend the meeting, we're too busy setting baptismal dates!" I feel like our efforts are wasted here in Leschenault. We get weekly lesson totals of 4 lessons for a whole week and half of them are less active/recent convert lessons. I didn't come on my mission to waste my time over and over again with no one who will listen. I have to keep reminding myself that no effort is wasted in the Lord's eyes. Even though I think I’m wasting my time and could be doing something more worthwhile, trying to save souls is the most important thing I will have done so far in my life.

"Every finding effort is honourable"

We also had the privilege of missing out on attending the temple this transfer. Again, we're too far away.

I’m glad you bumped into Lizzie. I wanted to write a letter to Alexis but I don't know her address and I don't know how you would get the letter to her. She sms’d me the night before I left but I had no credit to reply. Lizzie and Alexis were so busy with everything else that for a long time before I left they didn't have any time for me, that i gave up.

We have transfers next week so can you not send me anything until I email you next Monday please? If I get moved, I don't want mail stuck in Leschenault while I’m elsewhere. When people mail us, it goes to the office, then the office "mails" it again sending it to our flats. It can take up to 2 weeks to get a letter and a bit longer for packages.

We had a cool experience this week. tracting, and when people say "not interested" we always ask if they know of any family or friends that would be interested. Never in Sister Myers or my mission so far has anyone ever said yes. We knocked on a door, a girl named Cecilia answered and said she was too busy to hear our message. We asked if she knew anyone who would be interested and she said "uuuh-yes." She then gave us the address for her boyfriend and his mother who live in the same house in Australind, the elders area. I was pretty stoked. First time that had ever worked! She was genuine and even said she would message her boyfriend and let him know we were coming. We gave the referral to the elders and a few days later they gave us a call and said they had contacted the boyfriend and mother. The amazing thing was is that they were the brother and mother of a girl who the elders were teaching and already had a baptismal date with! They all lived in the same house!

We love going to a part member family's home and teaching the children. Jake and Ella are only young but they are very bright! They love to see us, and are all over us, and love learning about the gospel. We taught them about the 5 parts of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the last part is to "endure to the end" we asked them to repeat what each step was and would give them hints. When it came to endure we said "starts with e..." to which Ella enthusiastically answered, "ENJOY to the end!" it made my day. So that is what I will be trying to do more.

"Find joy in the journey" - Thomas S. Monson
"Enjoy to the end!" - Ella

Enjoying to the end!
Sister Parsons
 Sister Parsons and Sister Myers 

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