Monday, September 3, 2012

"Alma 18"

Back Row - 
 Sisters Mason (Aus), Parsons (Aus), Elder Daniels (NZ), Sister Robbins (Aus), 
Elder Wright (USA), Sister Myers (USA)
Front Row -
 Elders Jordan (USA), Naruo (Guam), Thomson (Canada), Ford (Aus)

(Monday September 3 2012)

Yes, I did mean to put Aliyah's name as "Aliyah Parsons". I also sent a letter to Kate once only addressed as "The Master". Unfortunately they can't do it to me in return, otherwise I won't get my mail :)

So how did I see Claudia? And how did I see Brody Watson or Jen Tongi? There is a family who moved into Leschenault Ward not too long ago called the Tongi family. Josh and Nadea moved over from Sydney. Josh grew up in Mt Druitt, his parents are Brother and Sister Tongi in Mt Druitt Ward. Their oldest son Zedekiah had his baptism on Saturday so all the family had arrived for it. I saw Jen Tongi on Wednesday night and she told me Claudia was coming for the baptism too. So that's how we met up. Then at the baptism I saw Brody! He had moved over to Perth.

Aw! I miss typo so much!

Things have been going up and down. I haven't made my diary recordings all transfer.

We also gained a new investigator on Saturday! His name is Shaun and he thought it was really nice that we would give him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it. I was so proud of myself, I was able to teach him right there on his driveway. He said he believed in a "great spirit" and I immediately had Alma 18 come to mind when Ammon teaches King Lamoni that the "great spirit" he believes in is in fact God. Never have I had this experience on my mission!

We got told this morning what is happening with transfers. So there are a massive amount of missionaries leaving from Bunbury Zone. First let me explain who is here now:

Busselton - Elders Wright and Jordan
North Bunbury - Elders Ford and Naruo (Zone Leaders)
South Bunbury - Sisters Mason and Robbins
Australind - Elders Daniels and Thomson (District Leader)
Leschenault - Sisters Parsons and Myers
So all of the Sisters in the Bunbury Zone are being moved out and it will be a complete Elders Zone. I wonder what our ward members will think. "What did we do?" ha-ha. They got 4 new missionaries in the Leschenault ward at the start of this transfer and 3 out of 4 are leaving. Devastating.

So where are we going?

Busselton - Elders Jordan and Duke
North Bunbury - Elders Ford and Naruo (Zone Leaders)
South Bunbury - Elders Richmond and Marshall
Australind - Elders Daniels (District Leader) and Askeroth
Leschenault - is being given to the Australind Elders to work in.

There were surprising and massive changes again. Elder Thomson is going Zone leader in Warwick Zone with Elder Martin... but they won't be companions. They are sharing a 4 man flat and are both training new missionaries. Elder Wright has only been out 6 months, and has been in Busselton the entire time and he is now going straight to Zone Leader in Rockingham Zone (he has never been district leader!)

Sister Mason is going with Sister Manu in Norandah (that's the Dianella Zone Leaders area, so I don't know where the Zoneys are now?) and Sister Myers and I are staying together and are being doubled in to Wembley in Dianella Zone. So at the end of this transfer, I will have been out for 9 months and in that time had 3 companions and 3 areas and 2 out of 3 (we'll see what happens at the end of this transfer) areas I have been doubled into and out of! On the other hand I am Sister Myers 9th Companion and she has been out about a year. I can't remember how many areas she has had but it's a lot.

YESSSSSSS. BACK TO CIVILISATION. On the downside, it's another elder's flat we're going in to.

It’s been pouring rain this entire time I’ve been emailing. We’re going to play capture the flag in the park but I think it might be water sports.

And now the dilemma. How are we going to get 4 sisters with all their luggage to transfers on Wednesday in 1 car? Do we have a Tetris pro anywhere near?

Love Sister Parsons

p.s Mum, there is a site you can go on, something about "mission mums" and you can talk with other mums whose children are serving missions and you can talk to the mums of missionaries in my mission. You should try and find the site and talk with Sister Robbins mum or Sister Myers. They said their mums found each other on the site and were chatting.

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