Monday, September 10, 2012


Sisters Jeffrey, Vos, Fakatou, Navarro, Parsons, Robbins & Myers 
Transferring Missionaries 

(Monday September 10 2012)

We had transfers on Wednesday and we moved into our flat in Wembley. It’s nice and it's an actual apartment in an apartment building. It’s the first time I’ve lived in a flat and I’m still getting used to the noise around me from other flats. The area book was a complete mess and all over the apartment. Teaching records had not been updated since January 2012 when the last sister missionaries were in Wembley.

President Lindsay was really nice and drove us to our flat, as there was no transport for us. As he was driving he told us in passing how the elders, just in our area, had been threatened by a man with a gun, telling them if they were Jehovah’s Witnesses, he would have shot them. ... Thanks President. From stalker creepy man to gun man. And we're pretty sure we've already met another creepy man in our area.

 I don't really want anything for my birthday.  I bought a recipe book full of whoopie pies, cookies, and macaroon recipes:] that can be my present :)

Today we will be having a district activity in King's Park in the city. We're having a barbeque and some activities.

There is a nice "gourmet pizza" shop near our house. We had no food in the house because of transfers so we ate there the other night. Soooooo good! I ate a smoked salmon, roast pumpkin, cream cheese and some other stuff pizza. I thought of Aliyah :)

Our zone leaders are doing a cool thing for us all. They asked us to all take photos of ourselves this morning and email them to them so they could make them into an "I’m a Mormon" card. It’s for our whole zone. It’s going to be awesome!

love Sister Parsons

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