Monday, August 6, 2012

"Charity Never Faileth"

(Monday August 6 2012)

We’ve had rain lately and on Wednesday 1st Aug. I finally had a "proper" bike accident. I gave better details in the letter I just wrote and posted to Gabi but basically I got bruises all up my right leg, my right knee got swollen and my left knee is grazed. Then the next few days after my muscles all on the left side of my body and across my shoulders feel like I’ve done some massive exercises. It felt like someone stomped on the left of my chest. But I’m feeling a lot better now. My bike's left handlebar is a little higher than the right after hitting the ground but it's still usable thank goodness. I keep praying asking Heavenly Father that my bike will last me for my whole mission. I do not want to only have 3 months left and I need a new bike!

We have no one to teach in our area. We go tracting ALOT. Nobody is interested. We got an sms from President Lindsay to all the missionaries asking that we all join him in a mission wide prayer each night this month at 10pm to ask Heavenly Father, in faith, to help us find more people to teach.

We’ve had some interesting times this past week. I pray a lot for charity and patience and I know it's possible because I prayed for charity with an elder a few months ago and it happened. He’s now an awesome elder to me! ha-ha. My patience has improved and I’m still working on my charity but it's hard. So I’m also praying that I will not feel so lonely as often. 

I’m sending a package to Aliyah today. it has a letter (novel) in it for her too. I really do miss my friends and family. It’s hard not having "friends" on my mission. It really makes me rely on the Lord a lot more.

Good news - I got my reading mojo back and I’ve got 3 chapters of Jesus The Christ left to read. Almost 700 pages done in a month :D

I also got asked a few nights ago to give a 20 minute talk on The Atonement this coming Sunday at church. argh! It’s not the talking part I’m a little worried about, it's just the "oh anything about The Atonement will do" topic assignment. It’s The Atonement. You can't just give me free reign on that - it's huge! 

I do have more money in my account now thank you. I also have more msf money too. I’m sorry I ran out of money. I got sick last month and had to use a lot of my msf for medicine and bandages. And I swear if you have a little bit of money left in your account towards the end of the month it disappears! The elders whose flat we went into, were delightful and left us nothing to eat but a little rotten food. So we had NO food so I kind of had to buy everything but because I didn't have any money Sister Myers was kind enough to cover me for a day or two then I paid her back.

Yes in WA everything is expensive. I don't even get haircuts because they're so expensive. And I don't get my eyebrows done or a pedicure because they are expensive too. But today Sister Myers and I are going to see how expensive pedicures are here in Bunbury and we might get one done. It’ll be my first since being on my mission!

I did get to say goodbye to Maddy and Chris and Sister Dale. We had dinner with them the night before we left. Maddy is pretty busy lately setting up her store. It’s not a scrap-booking store. Its address is: if you want to check it out. The owl beanie - she's going to make one for Sister Liu and I and send it to us :D

I sent Gabi a letter asking her for a favour but I told her if she doesn't want to do it then to tell dad and/or India.

Well what's been happening on your end? I need something from home to distract me. I just got a letter from Courtney this morning. I’ll be writing to her soon!

Love Sister Parsons

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