Monday, August 13, 2012

"Bumps, Bruises, Scrapes & Tokyo Drift"

Rainbow Cupcakes from Kate - 25/07/2012

My leg 15 minutes after the accident - 11/08/2012

My Study Wall Collage
I'd like more photos to add, so if friends & family have photos of anything of themselves, 
PLEASE - send them so I can add them to my collection!

(Monday August 13 2012)

Sounds like everything is coming to life while I’m not home! I don't recall us having much of a relationship with any of our neighbours, except Dennis and Melissa and Tommy, I guess. You should all take this opportunity to fellowship new neighbours and introduce the gospel to them.

You can download for free "preach my gospel" from and is a great resource for everyone, not just missionaries.

On page 155 is a great section about how we can find people to teach. Did you know that it is actually the members’ responsibility to find people for the missionaries to teach? Our job is to teach.  On page 162 there is a box called "ideas for helping members" which might also be useful.

These are a few ideas that we use for finding through members (btw, member referred investigators have the highest rate of baptism).

1.     Show a temple pass along card and ask members what they think of when they think of the temple. (happy feelings, eternal marriage etc)

Read Isaiah 2:2 -

Elaborate and explain, tie card and scripture together.
Ask members whom they want to see inside the temple with them, who they want to see participating in those "happy feelings" they just mentioned.
Effective at least in making members think in a new way.

This is what we call doing 12minute BOMs, because we do it in 12 min or less :)

2.     Get a Book of Mormon.

Read D&C 29:6 –

Pray in unity (as a family) asking Heavenly Father to inspire you with a name of someone who you can share the Book of Mormon with. In this way, you are "putting the responsibility" of "finding" someone to share the gospel with, in Heavenly Father's hands. You can also be assured that when you receive a spiritual prompting you don't need to doubt. Because God knows who is ready. If God wants you to do something, he will provide a way! (1 Nephi 17:50-51.  I like this scripture even more than 1 Nephi 3:7). The prayer may not be answered immediately but it will soon! I have had member experience relate this to me that it truly works!

Write testimony/message/favourite scripture/scripture that can relate to person.
Give Book of Mormon to that person! p.s Heavenly Father will also provide situations for you to give the Book of Mormon away. Keep your eyes open for these opportunities and follow the spirit's promptings!

In the spirit of being a missionary I extend a few commitments to my family. Are you listening? Ok!

Will you do a 12min BOM amongst our family?
Will you have the missionaries around for dinner at least once a month?
Will you be supportive and offer to help the missionaries wherever possible?
Will you encourage more member help in our ward?
Will you invite people to church activities - even to church?

A few things to remember:

We can be so busy already, but the Lord's work is the most important thing. And if we try, God will make it possible to strengthen us (Ether 12:27)
When you turn down a missionary - YOU'RE TURNING DOWN JESUS.
Yesterday before church Sister Myers caught a big spider in a Pringles can. We named him Beezy. Short for Beelzebub. :]

So, when I was in Ellenbrook, not once did I fall off my bike. I came close to it, but never had an actual accident. On Saturday afternoon, 11th august, I had an accident AGAIN. I was riding on the footpath then went off the footpath on the road to go around a couple walking on the footpath, then went to go up on to the footpath again but didn't go over the curb properly and came off my bike. The side of my chest underneath my arm on the right side is reeeeally sore and my right leg is pretty yucky. My knee and down my shin has really bad grazes and part of my knee pretty much had all the skin taken off. It really hurts and the bandages keep sticking to it so when I go to change them, it just opens the wound up again. I’m going to get a priesthood blessing from the elders today. I included a photo of my leg :) luckily it happened a 10-minute walk from home.

Yesterday I gave my talk at church and it went really well! I had to sit on the stand with my companion and as bishop stood up and announced me as the last speaker he said "our last speaker will be Sister Parsons, a full time missionary in our ward" then he turned and looked at me strangely then continued, "you could sing it if you want. You have a beautiful voice. I was sitting there and I could hear you singing. It was amazing!"
HOW EMBARRASSING. But nice, at the same time.

So anyway, the talk went really well. I spoke about using the Atonement in our lives everyday and recognising it in our lives and how we need it. 

I spoke about the 4 powers of the atonement:

1. Healing
2. Strengthening
3. Redeeming
4. Resurrection.

I used a few personal experiences about how I used the Atonement in my life including being sick and being healed by the power of prayer (happened when I was going to sing for the musical fireside last month in Ballajura), and also the power of healing and strengthening using the Atonement in hard times in our life.  I spoke briefly about Aunty Kerry's death and the effect it had on me etc. I also spoke about using the Atonement in forgiveness and when we are lonely. Two things that everybody will experience at some point in their life.

Thanks for the jewellry ideas. Send me photos then I can recommend stuff and pick and choose. Might be easier. I got the notebook package on Friday. Thank you! And thank you to India for giving me her notebook :)

Hopefully today we will get our other packages; the postman usually comes around 10am but hadn't come when we left for emails this morning.

I found a 15min, 5 ingredients cook book in our house so I am going to try eating healthier, using some recipes out of it. So I’ll go shopping for ingredients today.

Sister Myers really wants a pedicure today.  So depending on the price, I might get one. I might also get my eyebrows waxed.

I really need to buy some more bandages and ointment today. I hope I can ride my bike again soon otherwise we have no way of getting around our area. Sister Hurrell, a nice lady in our ward with a daughter serving in France at the moment, offered to take me to the doctors yesterday so I know I can ask if I need immediate help :)

We met a man in our ward called Robert Evans who had just come back from visiting his adopted family the Rouses in Mackay. He said he talked to his friend there after meeting me and told him to tell Nanna that I am in his ward :) His short, but humble testimony of gratitude for the gospel is heartwarming. It keeps me going even when you are getting doors slammed in your face 24/7.

Sounds like dad and India are having lots of fun. Aw! Drifting! I hope I get to go when I come back. Well, if it's any consolation for myself, Sister Liu's nickname was Tokyo Drift :) ah aha.

Love Sister Parsons.

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