Monday, May 13, 2013

13 May 2013 - Training in Waneroo

[Sister Parsons started training Sister Ensign in Waneroo over the last week]
We had a tough few first days in Waneroo, it was disorganised and we had no map and a few other things so we had to try and organise while doing some work. We had some cool experiences talking with everyone and got alot of referrals in the first few days.
We also picked up two new investigators. One is a young girl called Kathleen who lives at the same house as an investigator we were trying to meet. The other is a lady called Felicia. We were leaving church and as we drove out of the church driveway, Sister Ensign felt impressed to stop in the shop parking right next to the church so we could get out and talk to a man who was walking towards the shops. We we started to talk to him but he brushed us off and kept walking, as we turned back to the car we saw Felicia coming out of her house across the street and walking towards the shops. So we talked to her. We even prayed with her on the footpath. She was really touched by the prayer and I think we definitely provided her with some comfort. We invited her to church next Sunday and she said yes. We have an appointment with her at her house an hour before church.
We have set high goals for the coming week and I know that there are some missionaries who are surprised at our goals. We have set them in faith with alot of prayer. We have names to support our numbers and we have told Heavenly Father that we are going to do all we can to achieve the goals.
We have seen blessings coming through already, we recieved more investigator records from other missionaries yesterday after church as we have gained a suburb from another area and this morning we recieved a phone call from some missionaries with another "golden" investigator's phone number who had just moved into our area from Bunbury!
Tonight we have dinner at a member family home and will be teaching and committing Keanu to baptism. He lives with the family we will be eating with and regularly attends church.

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